Cumulus: Digital Asset Management Platform

Cumulus is the steward of an organization’s valuable digital content throughout its lifecycle.

Cumulus orchestrates various digital files into a cohesive hub while allowing users to access and distribute their digital content. Through Cumulus, users can collaborate to produce assets such as images, documents and videos both internally and externally. By instantly locating files, Cumulus increases productivity and reduces downtime.

Organize. Find. Share. Any file, anywhere.

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Platform friendly, access from anywhere

Use Cumulus from a Mac, PC, web browser, or iOS mobile device. Run the Cumulus server on Windows, Linux or OS X. Mix or match platforms so users and IT get exactly what they want.

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Smarter workflows and automation

Automate workflows and encourage collaboration using built in tools. Cumulus and Roboflow work together to automatically sync catalogs with other locations such as FTP servers and “drop folders”. Processes like queries, categorizing, and file management become routine. Annotations and email notifications make review and approvals a snap.

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Simply the most powerful search available

Enter keywords, tags and phrases to find any file. Search via category browsing, keywords, customizable queries, or based on associations you define. Cumulus can track asset relationships, so that all files used in a particular layout or publication can be found and viewed easily.

Version control and rights management

Manage distribution of brand assets to ensure version control and adherence to corporate guidelines. Roles and permissions ensure appropriate access and track changes to designs. On-demand image processing and editing and watermarks further support the design process.

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Manage important assets with world-class metadata tools

Add files in any format, from anywhere, and make use of the built-in metadata support for IPTC, XMP, EXIF and many more. Manage existing files with complete version control and roll-back history. Metadata templates, write-backs, and support for all common metadata standards and file types give users of Cumulus a vast array of tools to use. Metadata fields can be configured to appear as familiar interface elements such as text fields, buttons, and drop-down menus.

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Integrate to leverage digital content

Integrate Cumulus with third party applications and systems to streamline your workflows. Add Cumulus functionality like tagging and cataloging into the software you use every day. Popular integrations include Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Office, Sharepoint, Woodwing, DropBox, and CMS and PIM systems.

Video conversion and streaming

Instantly convert videos into common file formats with a simple click. Deliver high quality video streaming with automatic device detection and bandwidth recognition using Cumulus Video Cloud.

Learn more: Download the Datasheet

Deploy with Ease

While a DAM solution is a crucial investment to protect digital assets, so is determining how to effectively deploy the new investment. At Canto, we offer on-premise or in-the-cloud deployment options. Choosing one of these options depends on the asset location, use case and budget options. All deployment options include a year of product support to ensure the Cumulus DAM solution is running efficiently.


Diagram of Canto Cumulus on-premise deployment

On-premise deployments are highly customizable for organizations that want to maintain and control their DAM solution internally. Our experts partner with internal IT teams to ensure deployment is smooth and effortless. Organizations looking to meet specific data storage regulations or seeking to integrate Cumulus with internal software find this deployment attractive. In addition, customers who concentrate on heavy production workflows find this deployment ideal.


Diagram of Canto Cumulus cloud-hosted deployment

With our cloud-hosted solution, our team will configure, customize and maintain the DAM solution to ensure it is running efficiently and is deployed quickly. Flexible, low upfront costs and no internal server structure are benefits of selecting this deployment option. Featuring access from any location or device, the cloud-hosted solution is scalable to maintain varying performance demands. Automatic updates occur seamlessly and digital assets are backed up regularly.

Amplify the DAM Experience with Seamless Integration

Digital content is ever more prominent in today’s business world. Creating, producing and distributing it requires interactions with many people and departments. By leveraging the Canto Integration Platform, workflows are streamlined and efficiency is increased.

The Canto Integration Platform is the intelligent bridge between Cumulus and a front-end user interface. With the Canto Integration Platform, organizations can develop and implement entirely new ways of leveraging and expanding digital content.

The highly customized platform can be developed for a unique front-end user interface. Using the platform, Cumulus can be integrated with systems that use HTTP as a web service or existing infrastructure to deliver a single seamless experience. Organizations who want to integrate third parties to improve workflow or interact with a digital asset management solution through a mobile device, find that the Canto Integration Platform is a key function in providing these capabilities.

With the Canto Integration Platform, companies can develop their own customized solution – for a specific customer, use case or industry.

Screenshot of Case Study: Canto Cumulus integration

“The moment Canto Professional Services showed us Cumulus and explained what they could do with it, I knew it was exactly what Lufthansa needed.”

Jens Polkowski, manager at Lufthansa Direct Marketing

Tap into the Power of a DAM with Canto Professional Services

Our Canto Professional Services team helps companies recognize the value of their digital asset management solution. They advise customers on Digital Asset Management best practices and develop solutions based on specific business needs. In addition, they offer project management to ensure everything stays on track. Canto Professional Services is the smart, accelerated and affordable way to get immediate results.

Elaborate integrations and custom development projects are key technical services our team offers, along with configuration and solution implementation. Consulting services in metadata and custom workflows round out the deep technical expertise our team brings to customers.

Canto Professional Services also offers onsite and offsite trainings to provide users with the necessary knowledge to leverage their DAM solution. Popular training subjects include new user training, and system design and optimization for administrators.

These offerings make sure that the DAM solution is up and running in the shortest time possible, with maximum efficiency.

Business Process Services

  • Consulting and Needs Assessment
  • Project Management
  • Change Management and Training

Technical Services

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Custom Development
  • Integration with other Systems
  • Technical & IT-Support

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