Canto Leadership

Get to know the Canto leadership team that drives DAM innovation
Jack McGannon, CEO Canto

Jack McGannon

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Jack McGannon is charged with growing the value of Canto by offering its customers technology solutions that meet their evolving business needs. Jack has over 20 years of experience in the technology world. Previously, he was CEO for the US operations of Ein Sof, a technology services provider. Prior to that, he was CEO at Document Sciences from September 1998 until It was purchased by EMC in 2008. Jack holds a BA from Stanford University and MBA from Carnegie Mellon University.

In his free time, Jack enjoys spending time with family and likes to play and watch sports.

Thomas Mockenhaupt, CSO Canto

Thomas Mockenhaupt

Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

Thomas Mockenhaupt has been a long-time leader of the Canto sales organization. His deep knowledge of customer requirements and workflows allow him to showcase the value of Canto’s Digital Asset Management solution for companies.

Before joining Canto, he was the Managing Director at Vitras, which was acquired by Canto in 2011.

Thomas Schleu, CTO Canto

Thomas Schleu

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Thomas Schleu, co-founder of Canto, has played a pivotal role in the development of Canto’s robust digital asset management products. Prior to his appointment as Chief Technology Officer, he served as Canto’s lead engineer from 1990 until 2008.

He holds a Diploma in Computer Science from the Technical University of Berlin.

When taking a break from software development, Thomas enjoys listening to a variety of music genres and enjoys sharing Berlin’s art museums with visitors to the city.