A Look Back at 2017 – Our Highlights

2017 marked the 25th year of Cumulus, and what a year it has been. We ushered in major innovations to our products, hosted and attended DAM events and watched proudly as the Canto Community grew. Read on for a recap of this year’s big happenings.

Over the 25 years of Cumulus’ history, Canto has focused on the feedback from customers and 2017 was no exception. Over the years, we’ve listened to what people who actually use our solution say to make improvements and coordinate events and training.

Product Innovations Tailored to Customer Business Needs


The biggest change to Cumulus in 2017 was the introduction of AI features like image recognition, auto tagging and machine learning from EyeEm. Canto takes care of the manual work so you can focus on more creative endeavors. Read about all the Cumulus 11 features we released to an impressed and interested audience at the dmexco this year.


But the product innovations didn’t stop there. Cumulus now has an integration with Microsoft Office programs like Word and PowerPoint. We’ve added cropping and customization features when downloading photos in Cumulus and streamlined the search process.

Events Focused on Personal Interaction

This year’s events were focused on having face-to-face contact between Cumulus product innovators and customers. Nowhere was that felt more than at the two DAM Summits in San Francisco and Berlin. Both DAM Summits were well-received by customers, partners and DAM enthusiasts.

With over 200 attendees, the EU DAM Summit is the largest digital asset management event in continental Europe. The focus of the EU DAM Summit was, as always, on our customers. The workshops, presentations and networking opportunities were tailored for needs of Cumulus customers. We invited industry leaders like John Horodyski and Theresa Regli. The inventor of Cumulus, Thomas Schleu, gave his insight into the product and industry.


Canto attended many external DAM conferences like the Henry Stewart events in New York and London. We went to partner events like the Brand Owners Night with Catena and Spicy Talks with our technology partner CHILI Publish. And you may have seen us at other technology events like the eSpirit customer event Kutapata and the dmexco.

We were thrilled to meet and engage with our longtime customers at these external events. And we’re grateful for the customers who spoke about their experiences with Cumulus. Below is a dinner we had with Landor, La Roche and SOS-Kinderdorf in London after the Henry Stewart event in June.

These customers spoke about their experiences with Cumulus at this event. Our customers America’s Test Kitchen and WWE spoke at the Henry Stewart New York event.

The Canto Community Is Growing

In 2017, we welcomed over 200 new members to the Canto Community as Cumulus and Flight customers. Companies like LinkedIn, Dänisches Bettenlager, Rimi Baltic, Canon USA and Bistum Würzburg joined our vibrant DAM community in 2017

Long-term, sustainable relationships with our customers are vital to our company and part of its core values. That’s why we got myriad renewals this year, like the renewal from a 20+ year Cumulus customer, Landor, and many more long-term customers continue to play an important role in our company and product’s future.

Flight is increasing its longer-term customers as well with many renewals and a ton of satisfied customers.

Check out Our Community Holiday Contest

Canto helps you handle your digital chaos and this year we thought we would help with the holiday chaos. We held a social media contest from November 23rd through December 13th where members of our community posted their holiday chaos photos with #holidaychaos on Twitter or Facebook. We chose 10 winners and sent them €40 gift cards. Here is one of our favorite winners.

Many Thanks and Best Wishes to You

2017, the 25th year of Cumulus, was successful and productive for Canto. As we look towards 2018, we continue to focus on making our customers’ experiences better, growing our community and strengthening our partnerships.

We would like to thank you for helping make 2017 a success. We wish you a happy, healthy and safe holiday season and new year.


Header image by Paul Dionne

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