No DAM Is an Island: A DAM Good Coffee, Episode 1

The technical aspects of a digital asset management system can be overwhelming. That’s why we asked Andreas Mockenhaupt to introduce us to DAM in a fun and interesting way – over ‘A DAM Good Coffee’. Join us for the whole series and learn the important factors of DAM management and implementation.

In the first episode of A DAM Good Coffee, Andreas Mockenhaupt discusses why it’s important to have a DAM system that’s highly configurable. A digital asset management system needs to be configurable so it can be integrated into the infrastructure of your company. That’s how – as Andreas shows us – a DAM system creates a smooth transition between the systems you use.


The manufacturing sector is a perfect example for illustrating this. If you have a DAM program that puts your pictures into an e-shop, then the other systems you use need to communicate well with the DAM software.

The difficulty when you look for a DAM system is you often find programs that offer quite a bit of integration capabilities but aren’t quite as configurable as advertised. But with Cumulus, you get the full package: a system that creates smooth integration between your systems.

We hope you enjoyed the first episode of A DAM Good Coffee. Stay tuned for the next iteration; same DAM time, same DAM channel.

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