Ready for your digital journey?

The Canto DAM Summit is around the corner and we’re already super excited to welcome customers and partners from 14 different nations to this two-day event. Participants will arrive at the DAM Summit with their very personal experience about the journey they have taken.
For the Canto DAM Summit we want to pick up on all the journeys we’re planning and accomplishing and remind you that implementing a digital strategy is not different than planning a journey (as described in our previous blog post).
Customers, clients and teams are on a digital journey at this very moment and it is up to us to make sure the journey is as smooth as possible.
That’s why we have the Canto bag that is meant to travel the world. We look forward to distributing the bags during our Canto DAM Summit and see them travel to multiple destinations when we say good bye after a two-day digital asset management conference. Some of our bags have already been on a long journey. See below where the Canto Team has taken the bags so far: Albania, Sweden, Italy, France, Germany …
Where is our bag going next? Follow us on Twitter using the #DAMSummit and see where this Digital Journey takes us.

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