Crop and Customize Your Photos With the 10.2.3 Update

The Cumulus 10.2.3 update is here and we’ve added cropping and customization features when downloading photos from our Cumulus Web Client and Cumulus Portals, streamlined server statistics for administrators and optimized our Media Delivery Cloud. Read on for all the details.

Define Cropping Parameters and Ensure Brand Consistency

Maintaining image consistency throughout company materials can be a challenge. Photos from different sources are often added with varied ratios or output sizes and this can create inconsistencies. But now you can use the Cumulus Pixel Image Crop Processor before you download the pictures. Cropping was already available in the Cumulus Web Client but it’s been enhanced. It’s now available in Portals for the first time.

Cumulus 10.2.3 Cropping feature

With this update, you can either allow free cropping or set your parameters to restrict cropping ratios for your employees, creative agencies or web editors using the Cumulus system. That way you won’t have to worry about an incorrectly sized image popping up in your company materials.

New Server Statistics Provide Useful Information to Administrators

Cumulus administrators are now provided with a ‘Server Statistic’ window that features two tabs with important information. The ‘Measured Sizes and Numbers’ tab contains data related to memory and cache usage from Cumulus processes. It also shows you the size of your Cumulus catalogs and the number of redundant files. You’ll have the whole picture of your Cumulus server activities and storage capacity in a single view.

Cumulus 10.2.3 Statistics window

The ‘Time-based Statistics’ tab shows how often the cache limit was reached during the last 24 hours. These statistics can be saved and downloaded as a JSON file for your convenience.

Check out the complete list of new features and bugfixes in the Cumulus 10.2.3 Release Notes.

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