What’s new in Cumulus 10.2.2

The easiest way to manage your videos

With Cumulus 10.2.2 enterprise video management is simpler than ever before. Cumulus allows you to make use of standard video management functionality via the Cumulus Video Cloud (now powered by Brightcove). In addition, you can easily benefit from advanced video management technology via connectors to a number of video management systems.

Starting with 10.2.2, Cumulus Video Cloud is powered by Brightcove – the most powerful online video platform. A genuine carefree package that allows to use a ready-configured Video Cloud solution out of the box – no need to worry about which Video Cloud provider to choose, or contract or licensing details, or configuration specifics



Cumulus 10.2.2: Die Anmeldeinformationen variieren je nach ausgewähltem Video-Cloud-Anbieter
Cumulus 10.2.2: Login credentials for Cumulus Video Cloud powered by Brightcove

Portals’ Customization Enhancements

You want to know why your users download assets and protect your assets from unauthorized use? Then Cumulus 10.2.2 is a must have for you. As now Portals can be set to track reasons for download and/or have users agreeing to legal terms before downloading assets. The downloading user, reason and agreement of legal notice are documented in the asset usage history.

Cumulus 10.2.2 Download Term and Conditions
Cumulus 10.2.2: Download dialogue with term & conditions


And in addition to that, Portals can now be configured to bypass the multi-choice category landing page and go straight to unfiltered categories

Cumulus 10.2.2. - Die Registerkarte "Erweitert" des CIP-Konfigurator beherbergt die neuen Anpassungsoptionen für Portals
Cumulus 10.2.2. – This Advanced tab of the CIP Configurator houses the new Portals customization options.

Improved User Experience

Cumulus Web Client and RoboFlow provide UX improvements with Cumulus 10.2.2. With Web Client the drop down lists for containers and keywords are now scrollable and list all possible matches. And we used this to complement and extend the RoboFlow user documentation. Curious? Then have a look at RoboFlow’s new help.

You can find a complete list of all new features and bugfixes in the Cumulus 10.2.2 Release Notes.

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