4 Resources to Build a Business Case for Digital Asset Management

Are you looking to build a business case for your organization’s digital asset management (DAM) needs?

You can!

And we have four great resources for you.

Late last year Canto partnered with Gleanster Research who developed a DAM deep dive report titled, “Future-Proof Your Investments in Digital Asset Management”. The research uncovered the strategies and tactics used by Top Performing organizations to maximize the return on Digital Asset Management technology.

To go along with the research report Canto held a webinar and developed an infographic to help organizations see how their peers have been successful with DAM so they can be successful themselves.


In this video, Ian Michiels, CEO and Principal Analyst at Gleanster shares  how to future-proof your investment in DAM. In addition, he offers some best practices for implementing and leveraging DAM technology in today’s top organizations.


Gleanster Research along with a few of our Top Performers came together for a live webinar to share three secrets that have contributed to their digital asset management success: Workflow, Collaboration and Customization. Top branding firm, Lippincott and the well known XO Group (owner of theKnot.com) discussed decisions and improvements they made with their DAM environments that have helped their organizations in working with DAM technology.

To watch the recorded webinar with Lippincott, XO Group and Gleanster Research, click here.


In Gleanster’s DAM industry report, Future-Proof Your Investments in DAM” they uncover the strategies and tactics used by top performing organizations to maximize the return on digital asset management investments.

Click here to download your own copy of the deep dive report.


Canto took the research and developed an infographic that presents the research in a fun visual way.

Click here to view the full infographic.

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