Should Your Enterprise Choose On Premise Digital Asset Management? Answer Found in eBook.

We are pleased to introduce a new ebook from Canto – the leaders and innovators in the digital asset management software space.

Canto eBook On Premise DAMWhy Enterprises Still Select On Premise DAM: 6 Reasons Top Brands Choose In-House DAM Deployments and How to Know if You Should Too

Although cloud-based SaaS DAM models have been steadily increasing over the years, there are still many reasons why enterprises today continue to adopt an on premise DAM strategy.

It should be noted that Canto offers every deployment model possible for digital asset management solutions: SaaS (multi-tenant), Private Cloud (single tenant), Hybrid Cloud and On Premise.

The purpose of this new Canto ebook is to share the top six reasons why we see organizations choose on premise digital asset management solutions, even in today’s cloudy world. We’ll show you real world case studies, including from W.L. Gore the makers of Gore-Tex high performance waterproof fabrics; as well as outline important considerations for your IT and DAM project folks to keep in mind if they are looking for an on premise DAM deployment.

You will learn how different organizations take into consideration the following topics when making their installed DAM software decisions:

  • Security
  • IT
  • System Integration
  • Performance
  • Workflow
  • Online access

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