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How 7 nonprofits do more with less

by Catherine Chiang  |  August 26, 2019

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How 7 Nonprofits Use Digital Asset Management

We’re proud to be a part of so many incredible causes, championed by some of the world’s coolest nonprofits. Nonprofit organizations often have to achieve more with fewer resources, which means it’s critical to streamline processes and remove obstacles so that teams can work more smoothly together.

For nonprofits that rely on visual storytelling to communicate with the public and donors, managing their digital assets more effectively with a solution like Canto can free up teams to work more creatively towards their end goals. Here are just a few of the nonprofits using Canto to help achieve their lofty missions with constrained resources and time.

1. Seattle Aquarium

Seattle Aquarium Public Portal with Canto
 Seattle Aquarium’s public portal.

Seattle Aquarium relies heavily on imagery to not only educate the public about marine life, but also to advocate for conservation policies that help protect our oceans. With Canto, the marketing team can centralize photos and videos taken by their group of volunteer content contributors, and then readily share approved assets with media via a public portal. This helps the team work more smoothly and efficiently together to drive awareness and fundraising.

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2. Downtown Boston Business Improvement District

Imagery is core to Downtown Boston BID’s mission, which is to bring more visitors to the BID neighborhood of Boston. Moving their assets off an on-premises server and onto Canto has helped the marketing team work faster. They are no longer limited by the slowness of their server, the tedious process of finding images within an unorganized library or the inability to access assets remotely. By keeping their assets organized with Canto’s keywords and tags, the team can find what they need in a pinch and focus on collaboration, not finding images.

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3. Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

Building of the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
Photo credit: OMRF

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF) is dedicated to the research of life-threatening diseases and uses imagery to help tell this impactful story to donors and the public. As an organization coming up on its 75-year anniversary, OMRF has decades worth of photos that the public affairs team needs to access frequently. Canto has democratized the organization’s asset library, empowering users to self-serve. This eliminated bottlenecks and helps the team work more quickly – meaning they can build more media relationships to continue getting their cause in front of donors. See how they use Canto in this upcoming webinar.

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4. The Surfing Heritage and Culture Center

The Surfing Heritage and Culture Center (SHACC) is the “Smithsonian of Surfing,” preserving and promoting surfing’s heritage and cultural impact – including the beautiful visual art and photography inspired by surfing. SHACC needed an easy way to manage submissions for their annual “Follow the Light” surf photography competition. They chose Canto as a user-friendly platform to collect, manage, and present all the contest entries. Each photographer received a unique Canto upload link, and after the entry period closed, SHACC was able to vote on and easily share the finalists’ images via a Canto portal.

5. Visit Seattle

Skyline of Seattle
Photo Credit: Visit Seattle

Visit Seattle primarily uses images and videos to tell the unique story of Seattle and what the rainy city has to offer visitors. The marketing team needed a replacement for their previous DAM solution, which had such a confusing interface that team members didn’t use it. Canto provides a user-friendly solution that everyone is excited to use. Now, the team has a central media library, a streamlined workflow for sharing images with the press using Canto portals and stronger sales enablement that equips sales representatives with the assets they need to bring events to the city’s convention center.

6. Liberty Science Center

Inside the Liberty Science Center
Photo credit: Liberty Science Center

Liberty Science Center uses imagery of the museum’s exhibitions and events to encourage more visitors and donors to support the nonprofit’s mission of inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers. The organization was using a haphazard mixture of Google Drive and local shared folders. It would take team members hours to comb through files manually and find the asset they needed. As the nonprofit approached its 25th anniversary, the marketing team knew they needed a solution that would allow them to quickly find specific photos from their archives dating back to the 1980’s. After migrating to Canto, the team now has a centralized location for all digital assets. They can even use Canto upload links to collect images from external photographers, making it easy to keep all their content within Canto. Having a central destination for all digital assets where team members can search for and find images within minutes, not hours, helps save the team valuable time.

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7. American Kennel Club

AKC Canto login screen
American Kennel Club’s Canto log-in screen

American Kennel Club (AKC) uses their extensive media library of everything dogs for their own web and social content as well as external publications. As the organization grew, they found that housing assets on various different drives was too cumbersome and wasted too much time. AKC now uses Canto as their centralized media library, and team members can easily find the exact images they need via Canto’s search and filter functionality.

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