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Web based
Upload, preview, search, download and share assets from any web browser.
Search, preview and upload assets and edit metadata from our iOS mobile apps or responsive web interfaces.
Cumulus offers a native desktop client for Mac OS and Windows, ideal for power users and DAM admins.
Ability to install Cumulus on your own servers, including support for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
DAM Features
Approval Workflow
In Flight, set assets to pending, restricted or approved. In Cumulus, define customizable states, workflow triggers and assignment rules.
Asset Relations
Automatic asset relationships assigned, such as associated images within an InDesign document. Cumulus asset relationships include: usage, variant, alternates.
Cloud File Storage
Flight uses world-class Amazon Web Services (AWS) on the backend. Cumulus integrates with AWS and Microsoft Azure, and runs in our secure private cloud data center.
Digital Rights Management
Manage copyright license information, such as photographer, location, regional rules, expiration date, etc.
Document Management
Support for multi-page previews, metadata extraction and thumnails for quick searching of Microsoft Word and PDF documents.
Group Permissions
Grant or restrict access based on user roles.
Image Watermarking
Add watermarks to protect images and copyrights.
Image Cropping
To reduce the size, scale or aspect ratio of an image. As well as the ability to select and export a specific subsection within your image file.
Metadata Management
Automatic metadata extraction. Assign custom metadata fields according to your needs.
Photo Storage
Store photos, images and other artwork safely with digital asset management for better image organization and reuse.
Secure File Transfer
Send links, not attachements with Canto's DAM solutions.
Version Control
Upload new versions, keep revision history and make previous versions current if needed. Check-out / check-in available in Cumulus to strengthen work-in-progress workflows.
Video Management
Preview playback of common video file formats, extract and assign associated metadata for fast searching.
Advanced Permissions
Set highly granular permissions at the catalog, category, and individual record level.
Comment and markup toolbar allows you to annotate images, documents and other assets.
Custom Workflows
Define customizable status-based fields, workflow triggers and automated assignment rules.
Local File Server
Store source files locally on your infrastructure such as a SAN, NAS, RAID.
Active Directory
Ability to assign users based on your active directory and LDAP settings, saves time by not having to manage users individually.
Simple (Flight) and extensive (Cumulus) API to integrate DAM with other key systems.
Canto Integration Platform
Powerful RESTful and SOAP API gives you maximum flexibility to build integrations to virtually any other software, in any programming language.
Options available for setting up your catalog.
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Hybrid Cloud
Rest easy knowing your valuable brand assets are safe and secure. We utilize state-of-the art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems.
256-bit SSL Encryption Highly Configurable
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