Canto Integration Platform (CIP)

RESTful API and SOAP Web Service API with well documented samples

The Canto Integration Platform is the basis for all technical interfaces between Cumulus and external systems.

Cumulus API

CIP is the Cumulus API – a web service that runs on your web server. With CIP, you can not only preview all assets and read metadata fields in the Cumulus catalog from 3rd party systems, but you can also access the entire product functionality available in Cumulus, such as editing and updating. Access is controlled by permission rules.

CIP provides real time access from your applications so that users are always working with the latest assets and metadata.

The asset browser lets you search, filter and sort content without leaving your other tools. For instance, many of our standard integrations make use of the asset browser.

Schematic of the Cumulus Integration Platform.
Cumulus Asset Browser Scheme

Start simple

CIP gives you maximum flexibility to build integrations to virtually any other software, in any programming language.

CIP provides access to RESTful and SOAP web services. The CIP API is leveraged for  projects for Android, iOS, .NET, PHP, JavaScript, Flex. In addition to named programming languages JavaScript, C #, Flex / ActionScript, Java, Objective-C, PHP, other major languages can be used.

Fully documented

Since CIP is fully documented, you can use your own in-house resources for implementation. Just add the Canto Integration Platform to your existing Cumulus installation and start building individual solutions for your applications. Or our highly experienced Professional Services team of developers are happy to do any integration project for you as well.

By the way: our own applications such as the Cumulus Mobile App and the Adobe Drive integration are built using CIP technology.

CIP Integration Documentation
Illustration showing two gears.

Technical advantages of CIP

  • RESTful / JSON and SOAP / WSDL / XML Web Services
  • Libraries for C #, Flex / ActionScript, Java
  • Full API documentation
  • Programming examples:  iOS, PHP, JavaScript

Project and Standard Integrations

We have completed many custom integrations – just contact us for more information.

The existing standard integrations based on CIP can be found in the integration section.

The Cumulus Logo ringed by the logosof services and programs Cumulus can be integrated with.