Cumulus Hybrid Deployment


Have it all – keep sensitive files in-house and push finished assets to the cloud

What Is Hybrid Digital Asset Management?


Cloud storage keeps information, files and other data on an external server. On premise storage has the server in-house. The hybrid approach combines these and keeps some assets in your private on-premise server with other files you want to share in a private cloud.

With a hybrid approach, globally distributed teams can work from the same set of files without server replication. The assets are delivered from a highly secure and fast ecosystem while keeping full control of sensitive data.

cloud file storage
cloud file storage

The Content Distribution Network


The Amazon S3 Asset Store for Cumulus and the Microsoft Azure Asset Store for Cumulus each allow you to pay for what you consume in terms of asset storage – this could save you money by not over investing in excess IT hardware capacity.

With the Amazon S3 Asset Store for Cumulus, your files are stored securely within Amazon S3.

The Microsoft Azure Asset Store for Cumulus provides secure, fast and cost-effective access to your files in the cloud.

Who Needs Hybrid Digital Asset Management?


For some companies a hybrid scenario makes the most sense. You may want the speed of a local area network for work-in-progress files with the ability to push finished assets onto a content delivery network (CDN) for prompt global distribution.

You may have solid IT resources that choose to setup the digital asset management system within your preferred data center. Or you may wish to place marketing files in the cloud while keeping sensitive financial, patient, student, customer data in-house to stay in compliance and reduce risk.

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