On Premise Digital Asset Management


On premise digital asset management is a closed, secure system for organizing and storing images, videos and other rich media.

What Is On Premise Digital Asset Management?


The on premise digital asset management (DAM) system is installed on an organization’s local, in-house server. The image and video files (digital assets) are stored on local storage devices such as a SAN, NAS, RAID and accessed by the DAM while in-network.

You may set up a completely closed DAM requiring network and VPN access to search and download assets. On premise DAM systems allow web access to your assets through secure HTTPS web protocols. In other words, on premise DAM systems allow internet access to files online if it’s configured correctly.

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Digital Assets and Security


An on premise digital asset management system is simply the most secure way to store files available. Though cloud-based enterprise system security is generally quite strong, some organizations need a closed system for their digital assets.

With on premise DAM, data is ‘locked-down’ and in-house in every way. The company’s own IT team administers the system and the DAM vendor is only there to support. The configuration and infrastructure are adapted to the needs of the company by the internal staff.

On Premise DAM Use-Cases


Companies involved in the defense industry have contractual data security obligations that make on premise digital asset management a must.

Biomedical enterprises need to implement stringent digital asset security to protect the confidentiality of patients’ records and medical imagery.

Manufacturing companies have to safeguard their intellectual property from outsiders and some of the biggest manufacturers turn to on premise DAM to keep their designs safe.

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