Cumulus Features

Digital asset management features for efficient and collaborative workflows
Reinforce your brand when sending large files. Cumulus Portals gives you a better option for sharing and collaborating than non-branded, drop-drive boxes. Create as many different branded portals as you need. Save time and money. This mobile-responsive technology is based on HTML5 and Bootstrap™ and offers unlimited read-only / download-only user access. It’s built for massive concurrent users so everyone will always have access.

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Cumulus multi device solution
Cumulus on iPhone and iPad

Cumulus iOS Mobile App

Canto has rebuilt the Cumulus mobile app from the ground up, and it looks amazing on both iPad and iPhone. And the best part is, it’s now included with every Cumulus install. Search, comment, collaborate, markup, review, approve, upload and download content anytime, anywhere.

Intelligent Auto-Tagging

New image recognition technology in Cumulus is based on two systems: EyeEm Vision and Clarifai’s artificial intelligence. With a simple click in Cumulus, tags are added to images. You can auto tag as many pictures as you want with just one click. These tags are then automatically added to the asset – if you manually add more, the system learns and returns better automatic tags in the future.
Cumulus AI features

Workflow Automation

Streamline content creation and asset handling. Automate manual workflows, set up process steps and assign status-based tasks.
Powered by Amazon Web Services, the Media Delivery Cloud for Cumulus delivers images efficiently across the globe. Eliminate duplicate files across the enterprise while saving resources and time.
Cumulus Media Delivery Cloud
indesign layout checkin

Work with Adobe InDesign

With the Cumulus InDesign Client, you can access assets managed by Cumulus directly from within Adobe InDesign. Cumulus tracks all changes made.

Powerful Search

Powerful search lets you use keywords, create custom queries and dynamic filters to find any file housed in your Cumulus catalog.

See what’s new with the latest Cumulus release.

Sophisticated Metadata Technology

Cumulus makes it easy to find files using metadata

Metadata Extraction

Cumulus automatically ingests specific metadata such as color, resolution, image dimension, frame rate, font name and supports metadata standards, such as IPTC, EXIF and XMP.

Metadata Editing

Metadata can be assigned to individual files or bulk edited. Create metadata fields that make sense for your database needs and workflow, including drop-down lists with single-select or multi-select, text fields, radio buttons, date fields, color labels and more.

Metadata Writeback

Your Metadata stays with the file no matter where Cumulus delivers it. It’s written into the file information when downloading an asset or when accessing the asset from another system.

Cumulus Video Cloud features

Image and Video Publishing

Cumulus supports more file formats out-of-the-box than any other DAM software. For image and video publishing, we offer the most sophisticated distribution technology for you to preview, transcode and transform on-the-fly.

Check out Media Delivery Cloud, our Cumulus extension for on-the-fly image and file distribution.

Configure. Not Code.

Many enterprises choose Cumulus because the system is highly configurable without the need for custom coding. Cumulus can be configured in infinite ways to support a wide variety of installations. However, some unique business requirements may require custom code.
Cumulus Permissions

Version Control

Manage version histories, use the compare feature to find hard to track changes and take advantage of roll back version options.

Asset Relations

Cumulus can be configured to track asset relationships, so that all files used in a particular layout or publication can easily be found and reviewed. Use relations to store model release forms together with RAW and finished files, among many other uses.

Secure File Transfer

Quit relying on Dropbox and use Cumulus for a secure file transfer with a simple link. Create an ‘Upload Collection’, set an expiration date and with a simple hyperlink, let your trusted agencies and contractors drag and drop their files right into Cumulus. Your staff and automated triggers can then add additional Metadata for proper cataloging.

Easy File Sharing

Put all your files into a dynamic collection to easily share a group of images, PDFs, videos, layouts and presentation files with internals and externals.

Social DAM

Just like everyday software, Cumulus’ commenting and markup toolbar lets you add annotations, collaborate on-the-fly and subscribe to important assets.

Cumulus Integrations

Easily integrate your Cumulus deployment with the software and services within your existing environment or extend Cumulus with your own services using our RESTful API.

Roles and Permissions

Control who can and can’t see your content by defining roles and permissions to ensure appropriate access to files. Integrate with LDAP roles and Active Directory to save time and ensure consistency.
Cumulus Roles and Permissions
Cumulus deployment options

Deployment and Storage

Cumulus offers a variety of storage and deployment options to meet any enterprise IT configuration requirement: On Premise DAM and Hybrid Cloud DAM with the Amazon S3 Asset Store and Microsoft Azure Asset Store.

Learn more about cloud storage options.

Any Platform, Any Device

Cumulus works from any browser with HTML5 responsive design. We also offer Mac and PC desktop apps, an iPad app and mobile app. Server can be installed on Win, Mac and Linux servers.
Cumulus on multiple devices
Cumulus Content Manager dashboard

Security and Encryption

Encryption can be used for logins and SSL (https) connec­tions are also supported. User requests are processed through secure Java Web applications, and sessions work via firewalls.

Analysis and Reporting

See exactly who downloaded, edited, printed, emailed and removed which format of your assets and when. Use our data analytics to make decisions on your DAM strategy.
Cumulus screenshot sort by date
Cumulus Web Server Console workflow

Powerful Admin Tools

Highly configurable settings let your admin setup different views, searches, metadata modules and much more. Set triggers that respond to events such as the addition or deletion of records and categories. You can also control user access.

Powerful RESTful API

Our team significantly expanded and supercharged the Canto Integration Platform. More integrations, more samples, better documentation and faster than ever. It’s built to power the digital demands of the world’s top brands. We have also included more configurable plugins for the Web Client that you can use and customize to your needs.
Cumulus API