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Media Delivery Cloud onPremise

High performance and flexibility for your visual content

On-the-fly image and file delivery

Media Delivery Cloud onPremise is an on-the-fly interface for Cumulus to distribute digital images and other files through various channels – with maximum performance and flexibility.

Visual content as a technical challenge

Keeping track of your content is one of the key goals of Digital Asset Management. To make their communication visually, compelling organizations want to use their digital imagery outside of Cumulus on corporate websites, blogs, e-commerce sites and other platforms.

Manual file distribution is problematic because it consumes a lot of time and resources and it creates unwanted duplicates of cataloged files.

Schematics showing the architecture of the image factory in the example of the on-premise DAM.

Basic Media Delivery Cloud onPremise architecture example

Watch the in-depth video walkthrough with CPS Lead Engineer Carsten Hoffmann to see how the Media Delivery Cloud onPremise works!

Elegant and powerful file distribution

The Media Delivery Cloud onPremise is an extension to Cumulus for on-the-fly image distribution and caching, including scaling, cropping and watermarking of your images. While all assets remain in Cumulus, the Media Delivery Cloud onPremise handles transformation and delivery. It is as simple as including a link into a website.

Since the requesting system can specify which quality it needs, all images are always delivered exactly in the right size and with your branding.

High performance and scalability

You are running a busy website? No problem. The Media Delivery Cloud onPremise digital asset management caches your content including PDF files and other documents and assures high availability. Through load balancers the setup can match your requirements exactly.

Media Delivery Cloud onPremise

On-the-fly image and asset distribution with high performance and flexibility.

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