Cumulus Portals

Share your digital assets from a branded self-service portal.

Share Without Limits

With Cumulus Portals, there is no additional charge for read-only, download-only users to consume your visual content; built for massive scale consumption of assets by thousands of simultaneous users.
Three mobile computer devices showing a Cumulus portal.
Screenshot showing the options for setting Password and Sharing in a Cumulus Portal.


Allow access to your portal based on permission settings you define. Canto Professional Services or one of our global partners will help you refine privacy controls to ensure your valuable assets are secure at all times.

How to search for files in Cumulus Portals

Screenshot showing a branded portal, in this case by the company Sennheiser.

Branded Themes

Enjoy quick, visual access to your digital asset management catalogs and categories. Easily brand your new DAM portal with CSS and HTML or have Canto do it for you.

Say Farewell to Email Attachments

Forget sending bulky emails. Simply send links to anyone. Share files however you like: password-protected or not, with or without a watermark, hi-res or low-res download. Send your freelancer a URL for just one file, a collection of assets, or hook them up with a permission-restricted login to search Portals on their own.
Screenshot of a popup window in the media library for adding assets to a collection.
Screenshot of a popup window for downloading assets overlaying a branded portal in the DAM.

Save Time with Self-Service

Focus on core work, instead of being a ‘file-fetcher’. Sales, executives, partners, distributors, students, the press, agencies – can all get the files they need without delay, and without having to knock on the virtual door of creative teams that must push their next project out…immediately.

Approved_Final_FINAL_2c Version Every Time

No more wondering if you have the latest and greatest. Your Cumulus X DAM system acts as the single source of truth for the most current, up-to-date master version of those images, videos, presentations and any other documents that are vital to your business. Only the most current, approved assets will be made available in Portals. (Rest assured, your Admins can see a complete revision history on the backend.)
Screenshot of a collection shown in a Cumulus Portal.
Screenshot showing the search in a Cumulus Portal.

Search, Filter, Find

Cumulus X Portals supports automated SEO    for faster searching and better finding of digital assets. Filter search results and swipe through large visual previews to locate what you need quickly.

Videos Just One Click Away

No need to open your videos each time. Watching your videos is just one click away with the built in video player allowing you to have flexible access to your video content.
Screenshot of the video features available in a Cumulus Portal.

See Cumulus live

Experience how powerful Cumulus is in a Live-Demo.