What's New in Cumulus 11

The Most Intelligent DAM Yet
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Introducing Cumulus 11

Cumulus 11 offers the most intelligent DAM ever with image recognition powered by two artificial intelligence providers. With just a quick click, all your images will be scanned and auto tagged by Cumulus. Tags are then added to as many assets as you want – and quickly. This saves you time on manual tagging and allows you to focus on more creative tasks. This takes intelligent DAM to the next level.
Cumulus 11 includes EyeEm Vision and Clarifai’s artificial intelligence that auto tags images uploaded in your Cumulus. This saves you time on manual tagging. Cumulus 11 also improved the Web Client user interface with easier browsing from the left-hand side of your Cumulus.
Cumulus AI feature
Cumulus Media Delivery Cloud
Powered by Amazon Web Services, the new Media Delivery Cloud for Cumulus delivers images efficiently across the globe. Eliminate duplicate and variant media files across enterprise systems, such as Web CMS and eCommerce. On-the-fly resizing and global CDN caching saves resources and time.
The new Cumulus InDesign Client is the ultimate time-saver that lets your creative team access and work with assets cataloged in Cumulus, directly from within Adobe® InDesign®.
Cumulus InDesign Client
Cumulus Mobile App iPhone and iPad

Cumulus iOS Mobile App

Canto rebuilt the Cumulus mobile app from the ground up, and it looks amazing on both iPad and iPhone. And the best part is, it’s now included with every Cumulus install. Search, comment, collaborate, markup, review, approve, upload and download content anytime, anywhere.
Reinforce your brand when sharing large files. Cumulus Portals gives you a better option for sharing and collaborating than non-branded, drop-drive boxes. Create as many different branded portals as you need. Save time and money. This mobile-responsive technology is based on HTML5 and Bootstrap™ and offers unlimited read-only / download-only user access. It’s built for a massive number of concurrent users so everyone will always have access.
Cumulus Portals multi-device

Upcoming Webinars

Attend one of our upcoming webinars and see just how powerful Cumulus is at managing all your digital assets.

Even More Powerful RESTful API

Our team significantly expanded and supercharged the Canto Integration Platform. More integrations, more samples, better documentation and faster than ever, Cumulus 11 is built to power the digital demands of the world’s top brands. We have also included more configurable plugins for the Web Client that you can use and customize to your needs.
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Cumulus deployment options

Deployment Options

With Cumulus, you may choose the digital asset management deployment option that is right for you:

  1. Cumulus On Premise – your DAM on your own IT infrastructure
  2. Cumulus Hybrid Cloud – this combined approach services your global DAM needs with connectors for either Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure