The Foster Art & Wilderness Foundation

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A DAM for Educational and Marketing Purposes


The Foster Art & Wilderness Foundation needed a digital asset management system to handle their growing collection of digital assets – photos, documents, video and audio. This system needed to function as a high grade archiving repository for Tony Foster’s artistic works, while also serving as a storehouse for The Foster’s branding and marketing assets. With hopes of bridging these dual educational and business purposes, The Foster wanted a system that could comfortably grow with them into the future.


The Foster chose Canto to archive digitized versions of their paintings, along with other assets such as travel photographs, videos, interviews and documents. With smart use of metadata, the Foster Team could track important identifying and licensing information and build out a repository for Tony Foster’s artistic and life materials, as well as brand and marketing materials for the Foster Art & Wilderness Foundation.

“Canto provides an organizing framework that is always a work in progress, but over time becomes more refined, which is just a huge benefit of this technology for a nonprofit.” ~ Mattias S. Lanas, Managing Director, The Foster Art & Wilderness Foundation

Results and Benefits

The Foster’s brand library now directly fuels the creation of both educational publications and promotional materials. It houses the Foster Journeys, which bring to life the narrative of Tony Foster’s wilderness travels, to help those who see the art to also know the story. By serving as the system to archive and track these materials, Canto has helped bring The Foster’s mission to life.