Flight FCO Release Notes

The latest Flight FCO (Rome, Italy) release offers great new features and enhancements: Beautifully branded portal landing pages, simplified cropping and resizing of photos, desktop app for bulk uploading on Mac OS, enhanced permission controls and more.

Custom Branded Portal Landing Pages New Feature

Custom brand your portals so visitors can easily look for the content they need. Portals are more visual than ever with a welcome header image, enhanced branding options and a prominent search bar.

flight fco branding portal

Crop and Resize Tool Update

The cropping tool in Flight now has the ability to maintain aspect ratios, preview the image before downloading and offers a few common presets as well.  We have also added a resizing tool to help users resize images on the fly and preview the resized image before downloading – all without affecting the source file stored in your Flight media library.


Admin Dashboard New Feature

With this new feature, Admins can now get a visual overview of how their Flight account is performing. Accessible by Administrators in the Settings drop down, report widgets can be moved around to show a wide array of information such as storage, usage, times users engage, file count, top search terms, top downloads, latest activity, recent uploads and more.


Restricted Folders to Enhance Permissions Update

Restricted folders get an overhaul to enhance your permission handling. Admins can now restrict users from seeing private folders and albums.

Flight Express Desktop App for Bulk Upload New Feature

For anyone interested in bulk uploading content into Flight, this is for you. No more updating Java, no more browser permissions. Use the new Mac OS Flight Express desktop app to upload files in bulk and Flight will retain your folder structure. Compatible with Mac OS 10.12 and up. Download free in the App Store here.


To see Flight FCO in action, watch our previously recorded What’s New in Flight FCO Webinar.