Working With InDesign and Cumulus

Upgrade Your InDesign Workflows

Time-pressure. Media chaos. Unwieldy workflows. Anyone familiar with day-to-day work of creative teams knows that creativity and efficiency go hand-in-hand. It’s only with good organization and the right tools that designers get the freedom to work creatively. Common sources of problems when working with Adobe InDesign® include missing linked files, document versions that can no longer be attributed and huge INDD files that clog up or bog down e-mail inboxes.

Creative teams are therefore moving towards centrally organizing their media files by implementing a digital asset management system. With native plug-ins for InDesign, the files stored on a high-performance server can be inserted into layouts as easily as local files. Central management of all media assets in turn considerably lighten the workload of designers and content managers and lets them re-direct more of their focus to the essentials.

In this webinar, we’ll show you practical solutions to common everyday design problems and present the Cumulus InDesign Client – a high-performance solution – in a live demo. Sebastian Picklum, product vision owner for Cumulus, is a creative content expert and will offer helpful tips and best practices.

In This Webinar You Will:

  • In this webinar, we’ll show you:
  • How to optimize creative work processes with Adobe InDesign
  • How your team can organize and pool InDesign documents and linked files
  • A demo of the InDesign Client for Cumulus by product vision owner Sebastian Picklum