Image Recognition

Improve your metadata quality, boost team creativity and be more efficient with AI-powered image recognition

Benefit From State-of-the-Art AI Technology

Cumulus makes digital asset management more intelligent than ever with image recognition powered by artificial intelligence technology from EyeEm and Clarifai.

Take your creative efforts to the next level with faster, more accurate tagging. Your team will upload images quicker and find them more easily. This allows marketing departments to focus on more creative tasks and do less manual tagging and searching. And improved navigation lets you find collections with greater ease.

Digital Asset Management With Intelligent Image Recognition

Be More Creative

Cumulus image recognition and automatic tagging assigns tags to your images without manual input. That way your team can focus on generating high-value creative work.

Better Search Results

Cumulus image recognition dramatically improves your metadata quantity and quality by recognizing elements of your images and tagging them. You’ll find content faster than ever.

Enhanced Efficiency

With Cumulus image recognition, your content is uploaded and enriched with metadata automatically so you can tackle your content backlog.

Powerful technology

Image recognition is powered by technology from EyeEm and Clarifai that develop innovative technologies based on high-end artificial intelligence.

Canto’s Product Manager Explains Image Recognition


How It Works

The technology behind image recognition step-by-step

1. Select Assets

Choose one or more assets from your collection.

2. Start Auto-Tagging

Hit the auto-tagging button in Cumulus to start the process.

3. Keywords Are Gathered

AI technology searches for matching keywords in the background.

4. Review Tagged Assets

Review, approve and complement the findings.

Powered by

Powering image searches of tomorrow, EyeEm Vision can tag visual content, generate captions and determine the aesthetic quality of images by using machine learning technology.

Clarifai is an artificial intelligence company that excels in visual recognition. Its powerful image and video recognition technology is built on advanced machine learning systems.

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AI-Powered Digital Asset Management

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