Sitecore integration

Enhance Sitecore CMS With Digital Asset Management Capabilities

The integration between Sitecore and Cumulus, the leading digital asset management system, allows enterprise users to take advantage of enterprise-class DAM capabilities. The integration works with several catalogs and helps with all work steps around media – from the creation through publication and archiving.

Working with media from Cumulus doesn’t differ from working with native Sitecore content for the web editor. The integration requires a Cumulus installation including licensed Canto Integration Platform (CIP) with ImageFactory and works for all Sitecore 8.x versions. Naturally,  the connector supports the use of several websites and instances.

Sitecore and Cumulus communicate via RESTful Webservices

One Central Media Library

One of the great benefits of integrating Sitecore and Cumulus is the ability for web designers and web-masters to access all of the company’s digital content through a central media library. The newest file versions are always available and ready for use.

In the Sitecore CMS, editors can search assets stored in Cumulus without getting used to a new user interface or leaving the familiar CMS interface. Cumulus also allows the media library to be used outside of the web environment – for example, to create product data sheets, partner portals, sales tools, social media content, and more.

Access to the media library via Cumulus Asset Browser

Easily Create and Maintain Web Pages

The interface between the systems makes it easy to create and publish content (videos, images, documents) for all channels managed by Sitecore. The CMS editors can reliably and conveniently find what you need to create pages and content faster.

The direct transfer from Cumulus to Sitecore in the specified format saves a massive amount of time for the editor, making workflows significantly more efficient or completely superfluous (e.g., converting or manual uploading). This way, all brand and product collections can be maintained with minimal effort and your brand and product identity can be kept up-to-date.

Editors select the image snippets directly in Sitecore