Creative Operations Management

Create more room for creativity and optimize the efficiency of your team.

Made for Creativity

Give your designers and graphic artists everything they need to be effective in their work.

Optimal Agency Workflows

Integrate external employees and agencies directly into your production processes.

Perfect for Adobe InDesign®

The Cumulus InDesign Client simplifies file management and provides direct access to your catalogs.

Better Collaboration

Social DAM features make the work of the team easier than ever thanks to comments in the picture and @Mentions.

Ready for Web-to-Print

Integrations in popular web-to-print tools facilitate the effective production of printing materials.

Versions and Variants

Easily manage files and never lose sight of the overview.

Send Large Files

Say goodbye to large e-mail attachments and cluttered cloud sharing folders.

Work More Effectively With Adobe InDesign®

Work with content from your Cumulus catalog in Adobe InDesign without leaving your usual work environment and with the best user experience for creative workflows.

Don’t waste time re-linking links to your InDesign documents. Take the time to work creatively while Cumulus looks after asset relationships, variants and versions.

More Information on the Cumulus InDesign Client

Agencies and Freelancers

Creative teams and marketing departments often work with external personnel to produce brochures, images and videos in a timely manner. Use the potential of real-time marketing and improve your agency workflows by giving external employees direct access to specific production files.

Upload collections and allow photographers’ and designers’ content to be delivered quickly and easily without the hassle of transferring data via cloud services or huge e-mail attachments.


DAM for Creative Directors E-Book

Download our e-book free-of-charge and get an overview of topics such as intelligent workflow management and the new Cumulus Client for Adobe InDesign.

Ready for Web-to-Print

With the Cumulus-one2edit integration, users can search and use Cumulus’ digital assets in one2edit without leaving the usual work environment. Users have access to all the assets corresponding to the permissions within the one2edit web application.


The CHILI Publisher integration is an easy-to-use web-to-print solution. Use the Chili Publisher integration to directly access your images in Cumulus to create or modify layouts.

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