Global Distribution of Media Files

Optimize your website with a powerful, global media delivery system

Our Solution for Global Media Delivery

Better and Faster Pictures

The Media Delivery Cloud for Cumulus leverages Canto’s world-leading digital asset management technology and the Amazon CloudFront CDN to effectively deliver rich media assets globally. Take your content creation to the next level.

Professional Video Management

The Cumulus Video Cloud is a complete video management solution that delivers video content to any device anywhere in the world. It includes automatic conversion, is optimized for all devices and isn’t dependent on video services.

The Boost for Your Media Files

Impress your customers and partners with the most powerful media delivery they’ve seen.

Faster Content

One of the world’s best content delivery networks ensures high-quality delivery.

Efficient Workflows

With better workflows and duplicate avoidance, you save valuable time with every step.

Rich Media Management

Rich media files such as photos, graphics, videos and audio files are centrally organized and deployed.

Increased Sales

Faster product images and marketing materials accelerate new sales.

Better Integration

Automatic synchronization of your media files in the CMS, PIM or e-commerce solution over the same CDN.

Optimal Quality

Automatic image rendering for impressive results and more responsive visual communication.

Successful Companies Rely on Cumulus

Organize Media Files Centrally

Because media files are deployed in different systems, and at different locations, duplicates are created. This consumes unnecessary disk space and bandwidth. Workflows become more complex because deleted photos remain as copies in other systems. Global media delivery supports you with a central organization of all content.

Save Valuable IT Resources

Thanks to versioning history you have better control over the state of important production files. If content is removed, no copies remain in other systems. This ensures greater efficiency and saves valuable IT resources.

Maximum Performance

An extremely powerful content delivery network (CDN) and a decentralized server architecture ensure that content can be accessed quickly from anywhere in the world.

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