Power up Your Photo Production With Cumulus

Efficient photo production from the delivery of the images to the selection and release.

From Shoot to Final Image in Just a Few Clicks

Photos Available Immediately

Thanks to simple data delivery, your photos are ready for further processing right after the shoot.

All the Information Is Directly on the Picture

Cumulus extracts all existing metadata. The technical data and copyright information are available directly.

Access From Anywhere

The material can be viewed on any device, anywhere.

Fast Selection and Approval

The best assets are selected and released via status-based workflows.

Collaboration Made Easy

Comments can be added directly to the asset. Everything remains transparent through version history.

Conversion and Cropping

Other formats and cropping options can be generated and processed at the push of a button or automatically.

Comment and Mark Directly on the Picture

Use Cumulus to collaborate with photographers during the photo production process. You can comment directly on the picture and third parties can be notified with a simple mention.

You can also select specific places or sections on a picture. With the check-in function, individual versions and processing steps are documented and remain traceable as well as transparent.

Delivery of Pictures Made Easy

Does your photographer need to send you a large number of shots? It’s no problem with Cumulus upload links. An upload collection allows photographers or agencies to upload files directly to Cumulus using drag and drop. The appropriate metadata for the uploaded files will be extracted or can be added manually.

Add Metadata for Barcodes

Some of our customers work with barcodes during shoots, where, for example, information about the product or shoot is stored. The barcode is scanned during the session and the necessary information is automatically added as metadata directly on the assets. This allows data such as product name, color, name of the photographer or collection to be stored and documented on the screen. Manually adding this metadata at a later date is no longer required. Through this functionality, images are also easy to find.

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