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Share files with outside teams, clients, and collaborators through customizable portals.

Partitioning | Public or Private | Custom Branding | Distinct Permissions

Define Permissions

Portals provides access to files that have been shared from the main tenant. Administrators can configure permissions by allowing specific features available in a portal. They can establish privileges for sharing, editing, downloading, uploading, and adding watermarks.

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Private and Public Access

Depending on who needs access to a portal, administrators can decided if a portal is private or public. Private portals share the same functionality as the main tenant, but require logging in and is only available to specific users. Public portals require no log-in and are limited to only viewing, downloading, and sharing files.

Customized Branding

For teams and clients who want Canto to match their branding, portals offer the same customizable options found in the main tenant. This means that there can be multiple portals that represent a variety of brands, with the appropriate coloring, messaging, and identity to match.

Custom branding with Canto