7 Reasons to Choose a SaaS Media Library

SaaS media libraries fulfill the promise of software-as-a-service by offering feature-rich DAM software administered by the vendor that go far beyond the limitations of ordinary cloud storage. Here are some top reasons to choose a SaaS digital media library instead of a locally deployed system.

Quick Deployment. You can be up and running on a SaaS media library within days, not months.  With a turn-key digital media library, every team member logs in through their browser to a common screen and shared library. Presto, the system is live.

Lower Overhead. With cloud-based software, you don’t need to buy, install and administer your own servers. No need to hire a dedicated IT person, or worry about the ins and outs of capital hardware purchases.

Easy Access for Teams. Local deployments can create complications for remote access. With SaaS media libraries, team members from San Francisco to Tokyo can log in to the same system and collaborate across time-zones or in real-time.

Third-Party Integrations. SaaS media libraries easily integrate with other applications and systems, all the way from production tools like Adobe InDesign to publishing platforms like WordPress to direct integrations into leading social media platforms such as Facebook.

Limitless Scalability.  Whatever your user and storage needs, SaaS media libraries scale up seamlessly. Storage capacities are usually quite large to begin with, as are the user license packages. But when you need to add more, the system is ready.

Automatic Upgrades. The SaaS media library upgrade process is automatic and effortless for the end-user. This means that the SaaS system can evolve quickly, gaining new features and efficiencies within months, not years.

Expert Security. Network and application security is best left to the pros. With SaaS, you benefit from a company dedicated to keeping its application and your data safe and secure, using the latest encryption technology.

If you are ready to test drive a SaaS media library, give Flight a try with a free trial today.

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