Artificial intelligence and DAM: The Workings and The Benefits

Artificial intelligence may have conjured scary thoughts in the past. A world taken over by smart AI? We’re not quite there yet; still, AI has populated our modern digital landscape and has become a bit of a trend.

AI finds itself a core component behind many technologies that have automation and real time response features. Widespread as it is, AI has proved itself to be truly valuable. It’s scope is far-reaching: music, navigation, social media, image enhancements, and of course, digital asset management (DAM).

Flight’s DAM system is powered by AWS Rekognition, an object recognition AI service from Amazon that uses machine learning and deep learning technologies.

Running synchronous to your DAM, AI adds value by quickly sifting through searches to find the content you need, so your time is devoted to the issues that matter.

But the language of AI – all the talk about machine learning and deep learning – what does it all mean? And how do they work together to bring about a solution that can so efficiently organize your brand library?

What is Machine Learning and Deep Learning?

Machine learning is a type of AI by which predicted outcomes can be generated either by explicitly programmed commands or by an unsupervised learning process that yields outcomes within set parameters.

The key to machine learning is that is brings specificity to calculations that are extremely random. To build an algorithm, a set of data must analyzed time over time, especially if it’s a highly complex task, and only upon the given input.

Machine learning moderates the inefficient process by using statistical analysis to predict an output within an acceptable range. Bracketed between acceptable criteria, any data that passes through the algorithm and fulfills your designation will be sieved as output.

Deep learning takes the automation still further. The core mechanism behind deep learning is the artificial neural network (ANN).

Composed of several layers, the ANN is stacked together and forms a hierarchy. Layers themselves are made of individual hubs called classifiers, which use algorithms to categorize data using only the information given to it.

The results, or confidence score, are passed along from one layer to the next with progressive clarity until finally an output is computed.

In today’s digital frontier, AI is an essential part of many of the most popular technologies that we use all the time.

Netflix and Facebook’s intelligent feed uses machine learning to follow what you ‘like,’ increasing the chance that similar content will appear as suggestions. iPhone’s Siri speaking back to you and the technology behind self driving cars lies in deep learning.

AWS Rekognition as the Source for SmartTags

Flight’s artificial intelligence technology can’t drive your car for you but it can organize your brand library and expedite your team’s workflow. One way Flight does this is by attaching metadata to your assets with SmartTags, powered by the AI based Amazon Web Services (AWS) Rekognition.

Metadata is made up of a naming structure called taxonomy, and under it is a system of keywords and tags. Usually, having to attach each asset with metadata is a laborious process, but the AI behind SmartTags makes the process simple.

SmartTags automatically populate relevant tags based on details detected in an image. All the hard work is done for you and accurate tags are just a confirmation away.

The ‘Confidence Score,’ or the probability that a predicted detection is correct, can be toggled in Flight’s settings page if the tags do not match the details of the image.

Hopping from layer to layer, data in the form of an image’s details move through the Rekognition ANN, all the while computing confidence scores aggregated from Amazon’s massive knowledge database. Finally, an output identifying a person, or an apple, or a bridge in an image is attached onto the file.

SmartTags and metadata will transform your brand library into one that is streamlined and searchable. Turns out artificial intelligence will be taking over after all.

Give Flight and our cutting-edge AI technology a try with a free trial today!

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