Top 3 Complaints of Outdated Image Libraries

How you store and share your digital images seems like it should be one of the most simplistic parts of your workflow, doesn’t it?

Yet just tossing your image files into Box or Dropbox – or even worst, on various personal drives – comes with caveats that you and your team might not have prepared for. More and more companies are learning the value of digital asset management (DAM) for how it treats media files like digital images, photographs, design templates and many others.

We’ve heard all sorts of various frustrations from our prospects-turned-customers, but here are the top three complaints for outdated image libraries:


1) “Our Image Library Isn’t Designed for Images”

Wait, what? You upload an image into your cloud storage and it stays there… obviously it’s meant for images?

Any digital storage offering is capable of storing digital files, but it may only be optimized for some file types. A lot of popular storage systems weren’t designed with how digital files might be used… they just started as a repository for them.

A DAM system like Flight was built from the ground up with media files in mind. We paid attention to how teams use, manage, and share their images. Flight can also store any digital file that you throw at it, but you’d get the most out of it with images and other media files.


2) “We Can’t Find Anything”

It’s a bit shocking to realize just how quickly things can get disorganized, especially when those things are hundreds or thousands of image files. Keeping them in a simple structure of folders doesn’t mean that you’ll find what you’re looking for quickly… especially without a proper naming convention or multiple contributors.

Our customers love how easy Flight makes file searches as opposed to their older options. The search field takes account of all sorts of metadata, so even if you aren’t sure what exactly you’re looking for, a general idea of what it is can be enough. You can also add your own metadata to multiple files at once and make your searches even easier.


3) “We Need a Better Way to Share Files”

There are lots of ways to share files these days beyond email, like through Slack or accessible cloud-storage, but the tricky parts are when permissions get involved. Chances are your digital assets will be sensitive at specific points of their development, and you won’t want everyone that’s in your image library to see them. Unfortunately, outdated image libraries don’t focus on robust sharing features or control over permissions.

Flight provides multiple ways to share files depending on a team’s particular needs. Want to provide limited access to vendors or agencies so that they can’t edit a file? Set them up with a Consumer seat in their own designated Portal. Have a secret project that only requires input from the top brass? Try a Workspace with your top users and make the file accessible to the Main Library when it’s ready.

If you’ve found yourself making these same complaints, then Flight could be the solution for you. Give it a try with a free trial today.

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