Digital Asset Management Ebook Shares Customer Stories

The team at Flight by Canto dedicates our newest ebook to marketing teams everywhere.

We set out to tell the stories of real-world marketers.

If you’re a marketer and your team currently struggles with losing files, organizing and sharing content and controlling who has access to your branded imagery and other visual content, read on. We want marketing teams to understand that they’re not alone.

In this ebook, Digital Transformation: Six Marketing Pros Share Their Digital Asset Management Successes, we show you how six different marketing professionals struggled to keep track of their growing number of images and videos. And how these leading marketers have significantly improved their processes with the adoption of simple, yet powerful cloud-based, digital asset management (DAM) – Flight by Canto.


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Every Industry Needs Digital Asset Management

Marketers in nearly every industry today must deal with the question of where to best store their images, videos, source files and finished assets.

As such, we talked with marketers from a cross-section of industries including global media, technology, aerospace, pharmaceuticals / animal healthcare, dairy and nonprofit. These marketers work for companies of various sizes with headquarters throughout the US, as well as France and Australia; some with global business throughout Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America.

In our ebook, we share transformative digital asset management experiences at:

  • United Airlines
  • Seattle Aquarium
  • Team Red, White & Blue
  • CEVA Sante Animale
  • The a2 Milk Company


How do you know if digital asset management (DAM) is right for your team?

From copyright concerns to efficiency improvements and accessibility, the customer stories in this ebook show how each team knew it was time to invest in digital asset management.

One such example, an ebook excerpt from Pam Lamon at Seattle Aquarium reads, “Because the demand for more digital assets has grown, we needed a better way than a filing system on our servers to organize and search for things. Our server filing system did not track photo permissions, copyright information or tags.”

Another example comes from Alison Peake at The a2 Milk Company in Australia saying, “We were spending too much time and energy emailing digital assets around the world…we wanted a centralized system that everyone could access.”

Read the ebook for even more relatable cues to know if DAM is right for your marketing team.

Why Flight for Digital Asset Management?

Our ebook discloses why leading companies are choosing Flight over more complex DAM systems on the market today.

“Flight offered the most visual way to share our imagery along with so many metadata options,” remarked Sarah Lipoff of POPSUGAR.

“Flight provided a solution to all of our requirements and then some,” remarked Alison Peak from The a2 Milk Company.

When asked why 4,500-employee global pharmaceutical company, CEVA Sante Animale, selected Flight over other DAM systems, James Howell described it thus, “Simplicity. Other systems have too many features, structures and requirements. Flight makes it easy to build DAM, customize it and it’s easy to use.”

Additional perspectives detailing why Flight is the right fit for organizations is compiled in the ebook.

This Digital Asset Management Ebook is for Marketing Teams

The experiences you’ll read about are both unique to their organization and not unique at the same time.

We recognize that no two companies are exactly alike. Your types of assets, naming conventions, keywords and digital workflows will vary.

However, the overarching themes and challenges are very consistent. Everyday our Flight team talks with marketing folks grappling with the question of “What is the best way to organize, manage and share files?”

We expect that most marketers and marketing teams will relate to the need for a simpler, better way to organize, share and keep track of important digital brand assets.

Digital Asset Management Plays a Foundational Role in Digital Transformation

To wrap it up, marketing teams can lay a foundation for successful digital transformation when they consolidate their brand assets into a central master location.

DAM allows you to define a single-source-of-truth that all stakeholders can turn to for consistency, visibility and accessibility.

A central DAM not only ensures the web/social/digital teams work with correct files, but also provides correct asset delivery to field sales, 3rd party agencies, freelancers and anyone who needs to receive branded collateral – all from the same place.

Sincere Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many years ago, when I was a new mum, my employer at the time, EMC, handed me a book – an actual physical, bound book. It was called “The Working Mother Experience”. It was filled with stories of EMC employees who were also working mothers.

I couldn’t stop reading it.

At that new stage of my life – transitioning from career woman to working mother – I wanted to hear how others were succeeding in the world that was so new to me.

That book was honestly the inspiration behind Flight’s new ebook, Digital Transformation: Six Marketing Pros Share Their DAM Successes.

I wanted to similarly share first-hand experiences of marketers who are in the throes of their own transition – that of digital transformation in today’s new digital-first world. And hear how teams are thriving with the help of a simple, central digital asset management tool to organize and share branded content consistently and with proper controls in place.

And so, I’d like to thank EMC Women’s Leadership Forum for the inspiration.

From the Flight by Canto customer base, we’d like to thank each of our ebook interview participants:

  • Sarah Lipoff, POPSUGAR
  • Pam Lamon, Seattle Aquarium
  • Kaitlyn Daleiden, United Airlines
  • Shaun Provost, Team Red, White & Blue
  • James Howell, CEVA Santa Animale
  • Alison Peake, The a2 Milk Company

Additionally, sincere appreciation goes to Geoffrey Moran, who not only helped develop the questions and conduct customer interviews, but also aided in the writing and editing process. We acknowledge the rest of the marketing team for their support and our CEO, Jack McGannon for his executive support.

Special thanks to Natalie Broussard for her stellar ebook design – no small feat to combine seven distinct brand aesthetics (6 customers + Flight branding) into one cohesive ebook.

And last, but certainly not least, sincere thanks to the entire Flight Product team, Sales team and Customer Success team without which none of this would be possible.

If you’ve made it to the end of this blog post, big congratulations to you as well!

We hope you enjoy learning from these six marketing professionals and their organizations as you embark on your own digital asset management journey.

Download our free ebook today.

Digital Transformation: Six Marketing Pros Share Their Digital Asset Management Successes

flight customers ebook cover

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