Flight and InDesign CC

Flight is designed to work within your company’s workflow and business ecosystem. It’s an integrated solution, not just as a repository for your digital assets. We believe that different platforms should complement each other – like how Flight does with InDesign Creative Cloud (CC).

The InDesign Plugin for Flight simplifies both the creation and revision process. Users can simply drag an asset from the main tenant straight into the InDesign window, which will be immediately recognized and ready for accurate placement.

The plugin also makes working with both applications even simpler by establishing links between placed assets. If the asset is updated in Flight, InDesign will recognize the change and update the asset all on its own. No extra transfer or updating is required to keep materials current. A user can choose whether or not they’d like to update the links, in case the content in the InDesign file should not be changed.

The interoperability between Flight and InDesign CC is one of the many examples of Flight’s integrative capabilities. You can read about our available integrations.

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