What to Ask: Implementing a New DAM Feature

Innovative technology may not seem like it’s moving at the breakneck speed that it was 10 years ago, but it still moves pretty darn fast. DAM systems are no different; our engineers work tirelessly to continuously upgrade and optimize the way you manage and interact with your digital assets.

Every once in a while, we’ll come out with a brand new feature that can benefit your workflow. “But wait,” you might think. “We’ve been so happy with our current process, we don’t need to throw another tool into a well-oiled machine.”

True: if things are working well, then you might not need to utilize every new feature made available to your team. However, it’s important to give these features a look and discuss with your stakeholders what the benefits might be. With that in mind, here are the questions you should ask beforeWhat t implementing a new feature to your workflow with DAM:


1) Does the new feature seem like an (improved) older feature?

When it comes to DAM, new releases often come with upgrades to older features. Sometimes, a feature will come along that has a similar capability to an older feature, but is able to fit into a different use case.

For example, it’s easy to share assets with outsiders by using a collection link, but what if the number of outsiders you need to share with grows? There might be a newer, better solution for how your assets are shared. You could try creating a Portal that can be accessed by your outside collaborators, so that you would only need to share the asset once (to the Portal) instead of to multiple people.


2) Does the feature have a steep learning curve?

Some people’s first reaction to a new design or feature might be on how different it is to an older version, rather than how similar it is. Updates happen so that a product can be enhanced, and good enhancements won’t come with a heavy learning curve.

To give you a better idea, our Download Presets feature is simply an enhancement of our Advanced Download Options. That feature is accessed the exact same way and offers a quick shortcut to downloading with preset ratios. Any user that’s familiar with the Advanced Download Options can pick up Download Presets quickly.


3) How many stakeholders would this new feature effect?

This is a critical question to ask: who would be affected by a using a new feature? How does it affect outside collaborators? Would the feature require some extra labor by your team? Does it necessitate a large group training? You have to look at it from every angle, because the next question you’ll need to answer is…


4) Would the potential ROI be worth it?

Time is money. Teaching new features to a team takes time, explaining a new process to outsiders takes time, and convincing stakeholders to switch to a new feature takes time. These new features might even come at an extra cost, but you can’t see a return on your investment without spending first.

Ideally, implementing a new DAM feature can lead to increased productivity and a stable process that can adapt to changes in your business. Having foresight of the potential benefits will help you decide how to implement a new feature, and ideally, you’ll be very happy with the results.

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