Why Move From Cloud Storage to an Image Library

File storage, cloud storage, file sync and share – whatever you call it, these everyday storage solutions a la Dropbox, Google Drive and Box are all very good at storing files and being able to share those files easily. However, most marketing teams hit a tipping point where simply dropping content into a box just isn’t enough.

Once you have thousands of images, or tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands or more, trying to keep track of all those image files within a file share service becomes next to impossible. Marketing and creative teams with these large volumes prefer to use an image library, such as Flight by Canto, where you can attribute tags, keywords and other metadata to enrich the ability to search for your brand assets. Image libraries work more like a visual database rather than file folders.

An image library is a form of digital asset management. But keep in mind, top image libraries handle more than just images. For example, Flight lets you catalog all types of visual content, including HD quality videos, PDF, PPT, camera RAW, audio tracks and even Adobe Creative Cloud file formats, such as INDD, AI, PSD, etc.

We’ve just published our newest ebook that details the top six reasons why teams are Graduating from Dropbox to a Branded Image Library.

The ability to better organize and search for brand imagery is a powerful time-saver for today’s busy marketers. And being able to control who has access to your media library keeps everyone on brand and in compliance. Companies reinforce their own brand by sharing files from a branded visual portal. And integrations with your martech stack speed digital workflows.

We invite you to download our ebook for free, to learn more about the advantages of image libraries over basic cloud storage.

You may also start a free 15-day trial of Flight by Canto to do your own test run of the leading image library, with no credit card required.

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