Project Management and DAM: A Tool for Every Occasion

When a project’s flow is humming along, you’ll see that behind the success is a confluence of talent and instrument. For a project to be initiated, planned, executed, controlled, and finally closed, a talented team must be implementing the correct tools.

So, which tools are best to optimize your team’s project management?


Trello is a collaboration tool that helps you organize your projects as ‘boards.’ You can work together with other team members and see what they’ve got on their plates. Assign tasks, track progress, and cross communicate with team members using Trello.


  • Using ‘boards’ UI, easily see and make meaning out of to-do projects
  • Has collaborative functions allowing you to work with many team members
  • Checklists functions let you check off completed task
  • Versatile integration with many third party applications
  • Cloud based


  • Can only accommodate light files like links or some attachments.
  • What if you need to include larger images or videos into your workflow?


Evernote helps you create and organize media files including text documents, images, or videos. Most commonly, it is used for note taking and can be shared throughout your team. Access to your files is possible as long as the application is present on your device, and any changes on your file will be synced up across all versions.


  • Notes are saved and archived for easy retrieval
  • Saved notes can be shared throughout your team
  • Versatile integration with many third party applications
  • Cloud based


  • Evernote is not a file library meant to store many files at once.
  • How would it manage hundreds or thousands of assets?


Slack is an office communication tool that connects your team. You can instant message, call, and send files to your team.


  • The instantaneous nature of Slack, whether it be textual messaging or audio call, helps to boost workflow
  • Create channels where multiple members can participate
  • Communicate even with members in a far away area or different time zone
  • Versatile integration with many third party applications


  • Communication limited to those within the office.
  • You cannot send large files and cannot save them either. How do you share files securely and store them?

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Pairing a digital asset management (DAM) system with a project management tool in your tech stack will transform the rhythm of your project and boost workflow. Like any dynamic duo, the systems will compliment each other and make up for any pain points the other application may have.

A DAM solution’s core competency is storing your digital assets and using a metadata structure to organize those assets. Once uploaded, assets of various sizes, from small PDFs to dense videos, and of any volume, depending on terabyte size, can be housed within your brand library.

Additional features that serve your digital assets have revision and privacy as its center. Comments can be left on the file itself and images and files can be edited directly on the platform.

The focus of a DAM platform to organize your files means that its excellence is singular. Its crack, however, can be filled by the strengths of a PM tool.

For example, you are leading a marketing campaign with several moving parts. You need to access a number of visual access and have recruited help from members of the creative and engineering teams. How do you best govern all these responsibilities so that the project is successful?

A typical series of tools during a product life cycle might look like this:

1. A DAM system to sift through your digital files; a note taking tool like Evernote to record and share brainstorming notes.

2. A communication tool like Slack to reach team members far away or in another team.

3. A collaborative tool like Trello to track the team’s progress.

4. Edited files are stored back into the DAM.

When all these tools (and these are just a few of the PM tools available) interact, your workflow will be optimized.

Complement your PM tools with a DAM solution. Give Flight a try with a free trial!

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