Top 5 Reasons DAM is a Foundational Marketing Technology

Marketers rely on a few key technologies as well as some niche solutions to make their work flow more smoothly. What are these key marketing technologies? And why do experts recommend that digital asset management (DAM) should be one of them?

Foundational MarTech Includes CMS, MA, CRM and DAM

At the 2017 MarTech conference, Scott Brinker, mastermind behind the MarTech supergraphic, shared in his keynote how CMS, Marketing Automation, CRM and DAM are all foundational pillars of marketing technology. Let’s explore why he and other industry experts make this recommendation.

Customer experience is at the heart of most, if not all, marketing efforts.

Your website is a huge piece of ensuring a mobile-friendly, relevant and pleasant online customer experience. As such, your web content management system (CMS) is naturally a foundational piece of your marketing technology stack. Common CMS systems include WordPress, Sitecore, Drupal, Magnolia and others.

Helpful, well-designed emails continue to be a powerful medium for marketers to reach customers. Indeed, email marketing/ marketing automation platforms are also a key technology needed to run marketing. The most common are Marketo, Salesforce Pardot, Eloqua at the automation end or MailChimp, Constant Contact at the basic side of the email marketing equation.

Less visible to your end users, but equally important for bridging all of your customer data is your customer relationship management (CRM) platform – most popular being Salesforce, of course.

Brands that rely on strong visual imagery – which should be most, if not all, brands today – are increasingly adopting digital asset management (DAM) as a foundational technology in their stack to act as a central library for media files such as images and videos. These visual brand assets need to be managed as valuable pieces of content that can be accessed quickly, used efficiently and protected.

So, why are digital asset management systems a foundational marketing technology?

Here are the top 5 reasons:

1. Single source of truth library – knowing where to look for the master asset is huge. Web, social, creative, marketing, even public relations, human resources, sales and 3rd party partners and freelancers can all reference the same source of visual files.

2. Sheer volume of visual assets needed to market brands today is huge and growing exponentially – with no sign of slowing. Many channels, devices, formats and outlets require a clearly defined approach to managing it all.

3. With the advent of Flight by Canto marketing teams can get started with a simple, yet powerful DAM system that users will pick up quickly. You no longer need to fear a lengthy, costly IT project. Enjoy a frictionless start with a useful solution.

4. Protection from copyright infringement – reduce risk by documenting copyright licenses in a DAM database system. DAMs can enable automated watermarks, expiration dates, model release forms as related assets, terms and conditions requirements before download and other safeguards.

5. Importance of effective search – enhancing your files with descriptive tags, keywords, consistent naming conventions and other metadata keeps users happy and productive by easily finding the files that they need.

How do you get your marketing and creative teams started with DAM?

We suggest you start by identifying your most common workflows / user stories and begin there. Answer this main question: what does success look like to your team? Keep it simple, reap the near-term rewards, and iterate improvements over time.

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