Brand Image Library

Structure your brand images, graphics, videos and documents in a central brand image library that consists of folders, albums and collections.

  • Organize Your Brand Assets
    Organize your entire catalog of visual assets using tags and keywords, plus asset relations, to manage them with ease.
  • Branded Distribution of Content
    Quickly send brand assets to outside parties via links. No more bulky email attachments.
  • Digital Rights Management
    Watermark assets as you need, and require outside parties to sign terms and conditions to download. Include copyright info and usage restrictions in asset metadata.

Flight is for Sharing Your Digital Brand Assets

With a cloud-based brand image library, you can collaborate with team members and outside parties from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Let them know you’ve sent files and folders with direct download links, not large email attachments, and lift your brand to the next level.

Keyword Search/Filter

Leverage powerful search capabilities to drill down on a range of assets. Filter by keywords, tags, file type and other variables using easy controls..

Image Recognition

Flight analyzes images, presents tags at confidence levels and lets you choose those you wish to keep.

Visual Gallery Style Experience

Filght’s user interface displays images in an easy-to-browse gallery format, and related assets appear as a filmstrip in preview mode.

Organize All File Types

Archive a huge range of asset formats –  JPG, PGN, PDF, DOCX, PPT, RAW, you name it – and share with others.

Version Control

Keep an archive of evolving versions of a brand asset, with the latest version always on top. Effortlessly roll the latest version back to an earlier one.


Rest easy knowing that you can share images, videos, documents, and other files securely by using Flight’s SHA-256 bit security encryption.

Organize Digital Assets

Manage files through a central, gallery-style interface. Flight will automatically sort your uploaded content by file type and provide structure for the organization of your content. Assign files to one or multiple albums, without worrying about duplicates. Utilize keywords, tags, and custom fields to classify assets into manageable and searchable categories.

Share Brand Assets

Create branded self-service portals to share content from your Flight brand image library with remote team members, or clients. Perfect for distributing campaign assets for approval and review. No need for bulky email attachments, and a safeguard against versioning issues.

Search & Filter

Flight’s visual  interface makes it easy to sort and preview assets, while advanced keyword filtering lets you drill down for specific results by category, description, comments, metadata and more. Easy-to-use filtering tools are accessible right from the main interface. Quickly sort through your files by content type, statuses, and metadata.

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