Digital Asset Management

Cloud digital asset management (Cloud DAM) enables your team to securely access all of your digital media anywhere, on any device.

  • Organize, Collaborate, and Share
    File management software without the need for hardware or IT support. Enable collaborators to connect with your brand from anywhere.
  • Approval Process Control
    Easily manage workflows with version control and approval processes to determine what should be available for public consumption.
  • Integrate with Existing Applications
    Connect with your favorite software and services, including Adobe InDesign, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or build a custom hook with our RESTful API.

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Canto Knows Digital Asset Management

Streamline the way your team collaborates; share branded content across multiple channels and maximize the value of your digital assets with Flight’s cloud file management solution.

Document Management Software

Organize your entire catalog by archiving your assets, using file relations, and creating a simple taxonomy for managing documents.

Marketing Collaboration

Collaborate with your team, manage your documents, and share your files easily.

Approval Process Control

Manage your digital assets with approval processes, access permissions, and set expiration dates.

Keyword Search and Filtering

Filter your search results by file type, keywords, tags, date uploaded, original uploader, and size to find files faster.

Usage Reporting & Analytics

Run reports based on file downloads, sharing history, user activity, and storage usage.

Secure File Sharing

Rest easy knowing that you can share images, videos, documents, and other files securely by using Flight’s SHA-256 bit security encryption.

Organize Digital Files

Manage files through a central, gallery-style interface. Flight will automatically sort your uploaded content by file type and provide structure for the organization of your content. Assign files to one or multiple albums, without worrying about duplicates. Utilize keywords, tags, and custom fields to classify your information into manageable and searchable categories.

digital asset management canto interface

Brand Image Library

Have a central location for all your digital files that securely manages your treasured pieces of work. Distribute content to remote collaborators without the need to download and attach files to email. Flight allows you to publish and share content through multiple platforms.

File Sharing and Collaboration

Manage content throughout its entire lifecycle. Tag users and groups in comments, upload new versions of files, and notify team members when items have been completed and are ready for use.

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