Understanding different user types in Flight by Canto

Learn the different roles and access levels of Admin, Contributor and Consumer users in Flight; and understand how non-password Guest users can benefit from your media library.

Secure additional privacy controls with Flight Workspaces

Give your next rebranding, product launch or social media project a separate area to collaborate using Flight Workspaces.

How to crop images in Flight

Learn how to crop and download just a portion of your image, without affecting the original source file stored in Flight.

How to relate files in Flight by Canto

Relate images, documents, videos or other assets within your media library for quick and easy access.

How to upload from Dropbox to Flight

See how simple it is to move your brand assets from Dropbox over to your Flight media library.

How to watermark images in Flight by Canto

Learn how to apply watermarks to your images without affecting the source file stored in Flight.

Tips to help you search for hard-to-find files in Flight

Learn how to take advantage of Flight's robust search features and how to narrow down your results.

Tips to help you filter assets to find files in Flight

Learn about applying filters and available filter options, including best practices to filter massive digital libraries to find what you need.

How to trim videos before download in Flight by Canto

It's easy to cut and download just the clip you need from your videos in Flight. Choose where to start and end the clip without affecting the original.

How to collaborate by mentioning users in comments, Flight by Canto

Keep your team in the know with specific comments, @mention users or groups to notify them quickly.

How to set copyright terms and conditions in Flight by Canto

Ensure that people who download your images first click "I agree" to the terms and conditions that you define and set up.

How to set up your own private collection of assets in Flight by Canto

Without moving anything around, create your own private collection of assets for efficient project work and common requests.

How to safely get content from outsiders using upload links into your Flight media library

Say goodbye to the download-upload game... simply get 3rd party content into Flight directly. See how in this tutorial.

How to brand multiple Portals differently using Flight DAM

Perfect for different clients or departments, learn how to independently brand portals in your Flight digital asset management system.

How to brand your Flight media library

See how to apply your branding colors and logo to Flight for an on-brand user experience.

How to easily customize the login screen of Flight to match your brand

In this tutorial, see how easy it is to make Flight your own.

How to find content quickly by sorting folders and albums in Flight by Canto

As your media library grows, sorting your folders and albums can save time and improve user experience. Learn how.

How to set default folder and album views in Flight

Learn how to reinforce a current campaign or showcase your most popular brand assets with Flight.

How to sort images inside of albums and folders in Flight

Have a massive media library? See how powerful and easy it is to sort your content in Flight.

How to distribute content via Portals in Flight by Canto

See how simple it is to control how you share brand assets using Flight Portals.

How to bulk add tags and keywords in Flight by Canto

To speed up your workflow, learn how to assign tags and keywords to multiple assets at once.

How to make sure your content appears in Portals

Learn a few simple tips to get your images to show up in Flight Portals.