Take control of your brand’s media library

Disorganized content slows teams down. With Canto digital asset management, your files are always right where you need them.

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All your media files in one place

With a centralized library, everything you need is right at your fingertips.

  • Find files faster
    No more digging through folders – features like smart tags and facial recognition let you search across projects and albums
  • Collaborate remotely
    Easily edit and share files between teams and with partners around the world
  • Boost brand oversight
    Ensure images, videos and other media are used correctly

A secure, reliable solution

Cloud-based digital asset management combines easy retrieval and top-notch security

Grow your team, grow your content

As your team grows, Canto grows with you. Keep up with your content and future-proof your media library

Manage digital rights

Protect your assets with copyright information, terms and conditions, watermarking and more

Thousands of customers trust Canto

Why so many brands manage their digital assets with Canto

Your Canto library puts your whole team on the same page. Without multiple versions floating around, there’s never a question of where files are saved or which version to use.

Find files fast with Canto’s advanced search capabilities. Don’t know exactly what you need? Filter by keyword, author, file type and much more. Smart tags and optional facial recognition make all your media searchable – even if you haven’t assigned any keywords.

Set up a custom media portal for distributors around the world, or simply Slack a photo to a colleague down the hall. Links, portals and integrations make it easy to share your content however and wherever you’re connected.

Make sure your content is brand-compliant and ready to go before adding it to your main library. You can edit and approve files in-app and leave comments for your team.

Style guides, download options and watermarks protect your brand and make it clear how content should be used. With a customizable interface and sign-in screen, your brand image shines through to everyone accessing your media.

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