Cumulus together with VideoManager

Manage, edit and publish video files with VideoManager by movingimage and Cumulus.

Manage videos with ease

Videos have become indispensable for businesses and is a unique way of communicating a lot of information in a short period of time. With the integration of Cumulus and movingimage’s VideoManager you can manage, distribute and stream your video files within the cloud-based solution. Embed videos on your website to showcase a new product, convert videos into a number of formats, download your videos fast or stream videos anywhere while knowing they are safely managed in Cumulus. A natural extension to Cumulus Video Cloud, create chapters and slideshows from your videos, stream in high definition with the VideoManager. Create a more custom viewing experience by editing the player layout and colors. Interested in knowing which video is favored by your viewers? View your usage statistics and tariff reports in the VideoManager by movingimage to find out.

Cumulus Video Preview

Easily place Cumulus house images, videos or documents directly into Drupal.