Manage and publish video files with the Cumulus Screen9 video Integration to achieve high-performance and device-independent streaming.

Manage Videos Easily

Videos are indispensable in today’s communications – no other channel transmits so much information in such a short time. For Cumulus, videos are another type of media assets that can be easily managed through an intelligent metadata system.

There are, however, special challenges with managing videos. For this reason, Cumulus’ integration with Screen9 lets video transcoding take place in the background and helps with terminal-independent and high-performance delivery. Via the bidirectional interface, Cumulus writes various streaming links back into the metadata of the original video.

Screenshot Cumulus Video

Integrate Screen9 with Cumulus for easy, professional Video Management.

Videos Everywhere

Stream videos in a secure environment within your company, or enjoy high-performance worldwide. With our new video integration you can rest assured that your original content is managed by Cumulus. At the same time, video can also distributed or streamed through the cloud-based solution.

You and your team can easily make videos available for websites, online shops, and more. You can also send them to colleagues via email, or convert them to a variety of formats.

Screenshot Cumulus Video

Use Videos internally and externally ie. with Cumulus Portals.

More than Screen9: Every Video Platform

No matter what video system you already have deployed in your company, Cumulus can easily connect to these systems.  Another benefit when connecting to a video platform: Cumulus always keeps the original video, so that you can migrate to another video platform without vendor lock-in.

Cumulus video connectors are available for BrightcoveCliplister, Kaltura, Wistia and movingimage.

Video in Cumulus Content Manager