Canto Professional Services

Meet our Digital Asset Management experts

Andreas Mockenhaupt

Andreas Mockenhaupt

Director of Professional Services

As Head of Professional Services, Andreas Mockenhaupt and his team are flexible and deliver innovative solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. His many years of experience with Cumulus projects and his expertise in modern business workflows make him one of the most sought-after DAM experts worldwide.

Andreas studied computer science at Siegen University and the University of Bielefeld. He worked for several German technology companies before he co-founded Vitras, a former Canto partner, where he was Head of Consulting. After Vitras became part of Canto in 2011, Andreas began managing our Professional Services team.

When he’s not at work, Andreas spends a lot of time with his family. He also loves to cook and appreciates a good glass of wine.


Nina Engel

Projektassistenz im Projektmanagement Office

As the Project Assistant for Canto’s Professional Services Team, Nina is responsible for the organization and support of customer projects. In addition to an education in commerce, she studied economics at the University of Giessen.


Alexander Nadler

Head of Business Consulting

Alexander Nadler is an IT specialist with many years of experience and worked for various technology companies prior to joining Canto as a software engineer. Since 2014, Alexander has been developing complex DAM projects for our customers as part of the professional services team.

Alexander studied computer science at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (FH) and completed a Master of Science degree.


Patrick Michel

Senior Business Consultant

As a trained IT specialist and experienced project manager, Patrick Michel has everything he needs to plan, structure and implement DAM projects according to the wishes of our customers. He is also an expert in content management systems and web development.

Patrick is a professional IT expert and has already worked for the former Canto partner Vitras. After Vitras became part of Canto in 2011, Patrick joined our team as a consultant and has since carried out numerous complex DAM projects across various industries.


Stephan Kieslinger

Business Consultant

As a business consultant, Stephan Kieslinger is responsible for the planning and implementation of complex customer projects. He has vast IT knowledge and is a trained system integration specialist.

In his spare time, Stephan likes to play football and paintball.


Kurt Özdemir


Kurt Özdemir embodies the steadfast experience Canto brings to DAM projects. Since 2000, he has been implementing IT projects and is an expert in digital asset management, ERP software, CAD, Microsoft, Adobe and Citrix products. As a Canto Professional Service Consultant, he realizes projects that are individually adapted to the requirements of our customers and supports the implementation of complex business workflows.

Kurt is a graduate engineer and holds a master’s degree from the Technical University of Berlin, as well as a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Technical University of Berlin.


Stefan Röhm

Head of Technical Consulting

Stefan Röhm is responsible for the Technical Consulting Team within Canto Professional Services. Prior to that, he worked as a Senior Technical Consultant for Canto. Prior to joining Canto, Stefan worked in the service department at WAVE Computersysteme.

Stefan studied Bioinformatics at the University of Giessen. He likes to spend his free time playing badminton, reading, cooking and enjoying good glass of wine.


Goran Vasic


Goran Vasic has been working for Canto since 2012 and has implemented DAM projects in numerous European countries. He has worked with Canto customers across many industries, including manufacturing, marketing, communications and healthcare. His experience with complex projects enables him to deploy DAM systems exactly to the specifications of our customers.

Goran studied economics at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences and later worked in transport and logistics. But his interest in IT and DAM brought him to Canto.

Goran speaks several languages and two are his mother-tongue: German and Croatian.


Norbert Kerner

Technical Consultant

Norbert is responsible for the technical implementation and operation of Cumulus in national and international customer projects for our team of experts. Before joining Canto, he worked in the consulting and energy sectors.

Norbert graduated from the University of Kassel with a Master of Science in economics with an emphasis on business informatics.


Steffen Rausch

Senior Software Engineer

Steffen is responsible for the technical development and implementation of customer projects at Canto. Prior to that, he worked for Canto’s former partner, Vitras, as a software engineer. Since Vitras became part of Canto in 2011, he has been part of the Professional Services Team. He completed his studies in computer science with a focus on system engineering at TH Giessen.

In his spare time, Steffen plays the trombone in a band and handles the musical direction of the band. He also spends a lot of time with his family.


Kathrin Skrabania

Business Analyst & System Engineer

As a business analyst, Kathrin is responsible for the technical design and front-end development of complex customer projects in our expert team. Previously, she worked as a web developer for BP and Alternate. She completed her studies in business informatics in Essen.

Kathrin spends most of her spare time with her family. She is also passionate about photography and yoga.