Social Integration

How Digital Asset Management (DAM) Promotes Interactions with Team Members and Outside Collaborators Through Social Integration

DAM Social Integration Challenges

With a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, you’ll have easy access to a repository of all of your rich media and marketing assets – images, videos, photos, audio and many more. DAM provides opportunities for editing files that other storage systems don’t.

What is Metadata?

DAM adds metadata tagging and search capabilities to traditional file management schemas. Metadata is information about a file – this can be digital rights management information, standard metadata schemas used for digital image tagging, geospatial information, approval stage levels and/or any custom information your organization can imagine.

Benefits of Social Integration with DAM

Collaborate easily with your team members

DAM is designed to be the hub of all your content, and marketing teams best utilize it when they use it to store and search for digital assets. Within the system, there are many social features that improve a team’s workflow. With user commenting, your team members can comment on digital assets, tag other team members to make requests, provide details, and inform everyone that a new version of an asset has been uploaded. Team members that are tagged in the comments receive notifications about their asset both inside of the system and via email. These features optimize your workflow and ensure that team members are properly updated on the status of a file or project.

Distribute content through multiple platforms

You can provide direct links to your digital assets, allowing them to view and download content. Alternatively, you can create a custom portal where external collaborators are able to access assets that are approved for them. If you use your marketing material for content marketing, you’re able to share content on social media, video sharing sites, and to cloud storage within seconds. If your team uses a popular messaging channel like Slack, you can connect directly to the application and set up notifications from DAM to a messaging channel. When you share content through your DAM, you can also ensure that your assets follow your brand guidelines and have the proper watermarks applied.

Building Custom Portals for Social Integration

Customized portals allow teams to represent their brand to outsiders with unique colors, messages and identities. Administrators approve who has access to each portal to ensure that only the right outside collaborators (or the general public, if they’d like) has access to viewable, shareable, and downloadable digital assets. Users also have custom permissions, which allows certain team members or collaborators to edit content, if necessary.

A DAM system includes many features that increase social interaction between your team members and the general public. Internally, your team will benefit from communicating about the digital asset creation process and having defined roles that keep your projects moving forward. Once your brand assets are finalized and approved, your content can be easily shared with outside vendors. Simply use the sharing features in your DAM to spread your marketing message. No matter where your team members are in the world, they’ll be able to promote your brand accurately and the way you’d like.