Media Delivery Cloud for Cumulus with Rendition Management and Global File Distribution

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Single-source dynamic media rendition management

Global companies often store digital assets like images, infographics or videos redundantly across a number of different systems. This complicates update processes, metadata management and ensuring brand consistency. It also consumes a huge amount of storage space. Media Delivery Cloud for Cumulus establishes a true single-source for all originals and variants, delivering the content directly to the end-user, without the need to keep copies in third-party systems.

Worldwide distribution of your media files

Companies want the assets used in CMS, online stores or MRM systems to reach a global user audience and put dynamic media into action. To enable efficient global delivery, companies need to install a CDN and integrate it with every single one of these systems. An infrastructure like this leads to longer update cycles when media files are changed or updated. Media Delivery Cloud comes with a CDN (based on Amazon CloudFront) already included. No integration to other systems is necessary. A direct communication between Cumulus and the CDN ensures fast update processes and high-performance delivery in real-time.

See How Media Delivery Cloud Works


“Media Delivery Cloud for Cumulus is based on Amazon Web Services and uses our first-class CDN-technology Amazon CloudFront. “

– Tim Kroggel, Account Manager at Amazon Web Services

Tim Kroggel

Single-Source Media Rendition Management in the Cloud

Images are needed in every system: CMS, PIM, eCommerce, just to name a few. Without the proper digital asset management technology, unwanted duplicates and variants are created and scattered across all systems, leading to extensive consumption of storage space.

This is why we have developed the responsive Media Delivery Cloud for Cumulus. With our  MDC you keep control of your media delivery, avoid duplicates and variants of images in third party systems like your eCommerce system or website. Asset variations are generated on-the-fly, referenced in the third-party system and directly delivered to the end-user. If needed, image processing such as cropping or watermarking can be handled as well. Media Delivery Cloud for Cumulus helps companies reduce internal storage, save bandwidth and enhance the user experience.

Media Delivery Cloud is a dynamic cloud solution managed by Canto. And no additional IT resources are needed after setup. Media Delivery Cloud can be used with On-Premise, Hybrid and Cloud-hosted Cumulus installations.

Better off with Media Delivery Cloud

With Media Delivery Cloud for Cumulus you can eliminate duplicates and variants.
Cumulus Media Delivery Cloud

True Single-Sourcing

Manage all originals and variants in one place. No local copies and variants necessary to save internal storage.

Automatic Copyright Control

Make sure assets are no longer distributed when usage rights expire.

On-the-fly variants

Automatically generate image variants by cropping, resizing and adding watermarks on-the-fly.

Usage documentation

Keep track of the third-party systems your assets are used in.

One CDN for all systems

Media Delivery Cloud includes a high-performance CDN run by AWS – no CDN for other systems needed.

Lightening-fast delivery

Make sure your media content is delivered lightening-fast – no matter where your users are.

Worldwide Distribution of your Media Files

Cumulus Server AWS

Do you want to distribute your content globally for customers and partners in real-time? Now you can. Integrating a content delivery network (CDN) in your systems costs time and money. Media Delivery Cloud comes with a fast and reliable CDN already included.

Another Advantage of MDC is that renditions are created on-the-fly and distributed through the CDN when they are requested by the end-user. Standard CDNs keep all necessary renditions in the CDN. This saves costs and optimizes performance. It also makes your teams more dynamic.

Media Delivery Cloud uses Amazon CloudFront as the CDN. One of the leading cloud computing services available today. Security is the highest priority for AWS, offering highest standards even for sensitive data like health data (HIPAA) and credit card information (PCI DSS Level 1) with a 99.999999999% availability.

Media Delivery Cloud in Action

See what happens in Media Delivery Cloud, Cumulus and third party systems when a user wants to see a specific image.

See How Media Delivery Cloud Works

Find out what Media Delivery Cloud for Cumulus can do for your business and how it helps you to boost your global media delivery.

Cumulus Web Client in action
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