Digital Asset Management for the Textile and Fashion Industry

Search for, send and share marketing material quickly and easily

Access to the Latest Collection – From Anywhere

Reduce your manual workload with digital asset management

it’s essential for textile and fashion industry companies to respond flexibly to changes if they want to keep up with the market. This also means providing the latest product photos quickly and easily. Searching for, sending or organizing assets can, however, be extremely time-consuming.

Digital asset management helps you make sure that all marketing materials are always up-to-date and in the language you need – no matter where you are. This means avoiding duplicates and old images in your eshop and marketing materials.

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Gabor Shoes AG uses digital asset management from Canto for its product marketing.

The Benefits Speak for Themselves

Intelligent software

Automatic image recognition with auto-tagging assists you with metadata maintenance

Well thought-out architecture

Seamless integration in your existing infrastructure and integrations into other software technologies

Optimized workflows

Save invaluable time with central optimization of all assets and marketing materials

“The biggest win is linking in our e-commerce apps.”

Claudia Prieß

Creative Consultant at Seidensticker

How to Overcome Your Challenges

Digital asset management offers a host of advantages for the textile and fashion industry

PIM and E-Shop

Straightforward connection to your content management systems or product information system

Simplify collaborative work

Simple provision of assets to partners, agencies or freelancers

Standardized product marketing

Manage product information across all marketing channels

Point-of-Sale Control

Control your points of sale more easily

Digital Rights Management

Role concepts and license management ensure everyone sees only the assets relevant to them

Global Content Distribution

One of best content delivery networks worldwide ensures high-performance delivery

Optimal Tools for Your Digital Workflows

Cumulus Portals

Quickly and easily deploy assets via a self-service portal for customers, partners and PR – HTML5 technology for every device.

Cumulus InDesign Client

RESTful API and SOAP Web Service API for Cumulus. Integration with any third-party system you choose. Efficient and dependable.

Media Delivery Cloud

Optimize your website with an Amazon Web Services (AWS)-based high-powered global media delivery system.

Successful Manufacturing Companies Rely on Cumulus

More than 2,500 Customers worldwide. More than one million users. 25+ years on the market. More about Cumulus.

Gabor Shoes AG

Gabor is one of best known women’s shoe brands in Germany and is also a major player in the industry in Europe and beyond.

Seidensticker Group

The Seidensticker Group is among the world’s leading shirt and blouse dealers.

Walbusch Walter Busch GmbH & Co. KG

This third-generation family company sells its premium fashion items locally and online.

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Andreas Mockenhaupt, Head of Canto Professional Services

Andreas Mockenhaupt
Director of Canto Professional Services