How Flight Can Enhance Your Mobile Strategy

Is your mobile strategy taking advantage of all of your company’s tools? Have you figured out how to incorporate digital asset management (DAM) into your mobile strategy?

It’s no secret now that most people access the Internet from a mobile device instead of a desktop. Every marketing team has to have some kind of mobile strategy, and consider the nuances of the “on-the-go” experience. Like any strategy, there needs to be a process in place that takes advantage of your company’s tools.

At first, DAM probably doesn’t seem like an obvious fit for enhancing a mobile strategy. But you’d be surprised by how a system like Flight can supplement and streamline mobile efforts. Some features are tailor-made for crafting a better mobile experience, ultimately providing more control over your mobile strategy.

Here are a few ways that Flight can enhance your mobile strategy:


1) Download Presets for Mobile Content

Download Presets allows users to choose a fixed image ratio before downloading an image. These fixed ratios can be the recommended image sizes for social media channels, like Facebook cover photos or Linkedin ads. Mobile marketers can take a step out of the editing process by creating Download Presets specifically for mobile content (remember: mobile-friendly media typically has a smaller file size for optimal load times).

Flight administrators can set up multiple Download Presets to cover a wide range of mobile channels, or any other channel you’d like a shortcut for.


2) Preview Mobile-Ready Images

We recently introduced a feature that allows for quickly previewing or downloading an asset through a direct URL link. All you have to do is copy the link and share with one or multiple recipients.

For media files that have been formatted for a mobile site, the Preview Link can provide a quick view of your content on a mobile device. This is an easy way to be sure your content is formatted correctly, or if changes should be made for a more mobile-friendly display.



3) Format Mobile-Ready Videos

Another feature we recently introduced is the capability to trim video content. You can edit and preview the desired length of a video file before downloading it.

Marketers know that video marketing is only getting bigger and more popular, but they still have to keep their mobile audiences in mind. Shorter videos are better for mobile experiences, and being able to quickly cut a video down for on-the-go audiences can streamline the editing process. You don’t need fancy editing software for shorter videos; you just need a good DAM system.


4) Coordinate with Vendors and Agencies

Some companies rely on agencies or vendors that handle their mobile marketing needs. For sharing and collaborating on content that needs to be optimized for mobile, Flight provides a bevy of collaboration features. Workspaces provide a private environment for discussing and developing mobile content, and Portals provide controlled access for outsiders who need to access your media.


There are many more features in Flight that can take your mobile strategy to the next level. If you’d like to see how Flight can be customized for your workflow, start a free trial today.


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