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With the simplest pricing model on the market, you can start using Canto with no confusion and grow as you go. You’ll instantly have access to the full suite of features of the Canto platform, and we have an amazing implementation and training program for your whole team.

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Why Canto?

Eliminate the learning curve with Canto’s simple and intuitive platform. Nobody makes it easier to collect and share assets from anywhere.

Customized Content Experience

Improve the way your team works together with a centralized content library that can be configured with unlimited custom fields and unique branding.

Improved Collaboration

Bridge the gap between your teams and 3rd party vendors/partners with configurable upload links and collaborative workspaces.

Unlimited Portals

Easily distribute assets from your Canto library to team members, partners, agencies, and resellers via an unlimited number of customized portals and unique sharing links.

Intelligent Search

Leverage the power of AI and facial recognition to always find the right asset, improving content delivery and speed to market.

Customizable Permissions

Regulate access and usage of your assets with unique permissions for individuals or groups of users.

Detailed Reporting

Utilize advanced analytics to see how users are engaging with your content and leverage that data to make more informed content decisions.

User Training & Implementation

Onboard ALL end users (not just admins) with training and implementation from a best-in-class team with over 30 years of experience in asset management.

Elevated Security

Ensure the security of your digital assets with state-of-the-art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems. The Canto platform runs on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and is housed in highly secure data centers.

Powerful Integrations

Streamline your workflow with out-of-the-box integrations and connectors that snap Canto into your existing tech ecosystem. We also offer an API that lets you build what you need for your specific business requirements.

Advanced Modules are also available to meet specific business needs.