The simplest digital asset management pricing on the market

Pricing made easy, with the ability to scale as you grow. With Canto’s simple pricing model, you get all the digital asset management capabilities your team needs.

No hidden costs. No surprises.

The best DAM solution on the market. Backed by innovation and experience.

We’ve got a lot of experience

With more than 3 decades leading the industry, we can confidently say we’re the best DAM on the market. You can’t beat experience.

We’re always here to help

Our highly skilled, full-service implementation and support department is always at the ready.

We’re focused on your success

No matter where you start or where you’re going, you’ll have a dedicated Canto account manager to help you get there.

We’re customer-centric

Our customers’ input matters at Canto. Customer feedback and research shape our product roadmap, for a feature set that keeps up with evolving industry needs.

What you’ll get with Canto, right out of the box.

Powerful search

Make your entire library searchable. Smart tags, facial recognition, and text recognition automatically organize your digital assets by searchable metadata.

Canto’s API

Canto’s API allows you to connect your Canto account to other platforms via RESTful Web Service. Plus, you’ll get API and developer support.

Unlimited Portals

Distribute assets easily with beautifully branded Portals. Catering to different audiences? Create unlimited Portals for a custom, curated experience for everyone.

Unlimited Style Guides

Never worry about going off-brand again. Create an unlimited number of Style Guides to send out to internal teams or external partners.


Canto integrates with the tools your teams are already using, so you can create, collaborate on, and share content faster than ever before.

Geo View

Get a worldview of your files with Geo View. Assets with location metadata can be pinned to the corresponding location on a world map.

Asset requests

Protect your content by sharing watermarked or lower-resolution assets, making originals available only on request.

Upload links

Gather assets from external users in a snap. Just send them an upload link to allow them to add files, with metadata, directly to your Canto library.

Our customers love what Canto has done for them.

If you factor in all the time we’re saving across every team, Canto is saving us at least $20,000 a year — probably a lot more than that. Plus, we’re out in market with a unified message. This ultimately results in better fundraising and stronger partnerships, which allows us to serve more families.

Jack ShawDirector of Marketing & Digital Strategy, Habitat for Humanity Canada

Simple. Scalable. Successful.

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