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Canto digital asset management features

Ranked the #1 digital asset management platform by G2

Canto delivers all the digital asset management capabilities your team needs, while keeping the experience simple and intuitive.

Just ask G2. The G2 Crowd’s Spring 2022 Report, analyzed 72 DAM platforms and ranked Canto #1.

Trusted by thousands of brands around the world

Unlike other providers’ rigid platforms, Canto adapts to how your team works – making it a favorite of top brands across industries.

Plus, our pricing model is the simplest on the market – we’ll never surprise you with hidden costs.


No more time wasted hunting down files or confusion over which version is current. Your Canto library is a single source of truth. With a unified, organized library, everyone always knows where to find the content they need, when they need it.

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Your entire Canto library is fully searchable. Leverage the power of AI-driven tagging and facial recognition to find the right assets in seconds, improving content delivery and speed to market.

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Easily distribute content to other teams, external partners, and collaborators with an unlimited number of customizable portals and sharing links. You retain control and oversight, while ensuring everyone has on-demand access to the content they need.

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Mobile and desktop view of a Canto libraryCanto’s search options dialogue boxCanto dialogue box and sharing iconsMobile and desktop view of a Canto library
Canto Portal with lifestyle brand imagery


From photoshoot to editor and back into your library – a streamlined workflow puts everyone on the same page. When your team and third-party collaborators are aligned, it’s easy to produce on-brand, high-quality content at scale.

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Canto style guide options


Manage and share your brand assets and guidelines, for an on-brand customer experience across every touchpoint. With an interface that’s branded to match your company’s look and feel, your Canto library reinforces your brand identity every step of the way.

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Digital Asset Management

Return on Investment

DAM users are 3x more likely to see a significant increase in content ROI within a year. Estimate your content ROI with our ROI calculator and ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, with Canto and your content.


Ensure the security of your digital assets with state-of-the-art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems. Canto runs on AWS, with highly secure data centers in Europe, Canada, or the United States.

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Visual previews

Browse your library visually with an intuitive layout. Preview video files in full high definition, and dive inside documents and presentations – so you know what you’re working with before you download.

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Focus your resources on content that makes an impact. Canto’s reporting shows you which assets people search for and download most frequently, so you can identify successes, fill gaps, and realign your content strategy.

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Canto digital rights dialogue box and status dialogue boxDetail view of a video in Canto showing keywords and tagsCanto reporting dashboard showing downloads, total assets, file transfer and usersCanto digital rights dialogue box and status dialogue box
Account overview page for admin users in Canto

User roles

Ensure your team and collaborators can access everything they need – and nothing they shouldn’t. Customizable user roles make it easy to expand or dial back access – so only approved content goes out into the world.

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Icons representing some of the tools Canto connects and integrates with


Streamline your workflows with out-of-box integrations that snap Canto into your existing tech ecosystem. Canto works where you do – including Adobe Creative Cloud and PowerPoint – cutting tedious steps from day-to-day tasks and boosting productivity.

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