Digital Asset Management

A smarter way to manage your brand assets and digital content


All of your digital content, in one central media library

Provide quick access to your entire media library from a secure, central digital asset management system. Manage all the brand assets essential to your organization, with complete control over access and on-demand publishing.

DAM Software

Digital asset management (DAM) systems are designed to not only let you store digital assets but also assign metadata and repurpose your library of images, videos, presentations, logos, documents and other brand assets.

Powerful search, filtering and permission controls get you to your assets quickly. Integrate your DAM system with marketing technologies to stay on-brand and further speed digital workflows.

Cloud DAM, On Premise DAM and Hybrid

Canto is the only vendor that lets you start however you like. Cloud digital asset management from Canto gets your team up and running quickly with no IT required.

On-premise digital asset management can work perfectly for sensitive industries and sophisticated IT environments. Or, push your on-premise DAM solution partially to the cloud with a hybrid integration to Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure.

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Keys to successful digital asset management

Digital asset management lets your entire organization think differently about how you locate and use your important brand assets.

Here are helpful tips for a successful digital asset management program:

  • Get executive support for DAM
  • Identify a program champion
  • Involve stakeholders from the beginning
  • Obtain user feedback early and often
  • Apply project management best practices
  • Educate your team on usability and benefits
  • Fine tune the system based on user input

Who owns digital asset management?

A common question when getting started with DAM is this: Who should own digital asset management within the organization? The answer will depend on the culture, needs and resources available at your firm. DAM is often owned by marketing, graphic designers or brand managers, but also could be owned by IT, digital librarians or archivists at the enterprise level.