What Is Digital Asset Management (DAM)?


Digital asset management helps companies organize and share creative content like images, videos and presentations.

Digital Asset Management Basics


Digital asset management is comprehensive file storage software that enables companies to secure digital media. DAM is an essential component of brand management, ensuring marketing and brand assets are easy to maintain and share.

Cloud DAM is dynamic, flexible and gives teams access to company files anytime, anywhere and from any device. It empowers organizations to accelerate content creation and forgo time-consuming hunts for pictures, videos and other digital assets.

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Who Needs Digital Asset Management?


Digital asset management is necessary when the size or complexity of asset storage and sharing increases. The most common use-case is a marketing team that requires brand and content growth. A DAM system allows companies to expand content while maintaining brand consistency. It saves time and money, which is why so many organizations are adopting DAM software.

Once implemented, DAM optimizes content and branding workflows. Decentralized teams have easier access to assets while minimizing duplicates. The most successful DAM systems offer a naturally intuitive user interface and experience.

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Digital Asset Management Features


With DAM, digital assets are organized in a central location, automating workflows and streamlining content creation. Innovative concept production is increased with sophisticated search capabilities.

Distribution embargo dates can manage press kits and image collections. Watermarks can be placed on completed images or work-in-progress photos, and copyright as well as contact information are automatically embedded into images.

The DAM system integrates seamlessly with marketing tools including InDesignMailChimp and WordPress.

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